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This Title Doesn't Say Anything About The Hardfork Tomorrow and That's Because I Saw Too Many Titles Mentioning the Hardfork Tomorrow

Even this opening line along with the rest of the post isn't about the hardfork tomorrow.
NoNamesLeftToUse - Reginald.png

As you can see,

Reginald came prepared.

Tomorrow is a big day for Reginald. As his god or, creator, I must say, I'm quite proud of him.

He even wore that snazzy sweater his mother bought for him back in the 90's!

She's been hounding his ass about that sweater for nearly two decades and finally I don't have to listen to that shit anymore.

What's the occasion?

You ask...

Oh, nothing too special. Unless you're of the species and partake in the traditions of those like Reginald!

Tomorrow, Reginald will get to experience his first day as an adult. First he'll eat a big meal, then the elders start doing that chant thing that sounds demented but still has a purpose in this day and age for some strange reason. Then they take the fork he used to finish his final meal as an immature little brat...

Jam it up his ass and call him a man!

I can't wait to see the big show!

I love this time of year!

Have a nice day!

"Yup. A short post."
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