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This Is Not Just Another Post About Steem

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good day to you
My name is @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself
NoNamesLeftToUse - Dogs.jpeg

I have some shocking news.

And I hope you're sitting down for this.

I've decided to publish a post on the Steem blockchain that isn't about Steem.

Some of you out there may have already figured that out after reading several words so far subtly hinting at the fact Steem, as well as things about Steem, will not be mentioned here today, but in the event a few of you find yourselves having trouble with reading comprehension and/or attention span, I feel it's only best to cater to your needs as well while I once again mention the fact this post is not about Steem.

Before I dive in to what this post is truly about.

And since I feel I'm taking a huge risk.

I feel it's only wise to explain a few things about Steem posts so you can see why you will not be reading a post about Steem, here, today.

A few valid points:

  • Steem posts are produced by people who know things about Steem.
    It's actually my first day; but I start tomorrow. I'm not even aware of the fact I'll run out of resource credits ten minutes after saying "Nice post" to all of the people who appear to be wealthy.
  • Sometimes posts about Steem are written by witnesses.
    If I was talking about the things I've witnessed in my day, I'd probably break out into a story about that time I was standing on the corner of 118th Avenue and 124th Street in Edmonton, Canada. I needed to cross but feared doing so because across the street was a woman on hard drugs freaking out at everyone shortly after crashing her bicycle into what were really nice shrubs and flowers before she came along. Finally, after watching the show for awhile, it was time to cross or I'd miss my bus. She grabbed me the moment I stepped foot on the sidewalk and that's when I could see the evil in her eyes. I said something like, "Whoa! Hey! I'm one of the good guys here!" Somehow that worked, she let me go, picked up her bike, proceeded to the middle of the busy intersection, traffic came to a screeching halt, and that's when she decided to pull her pants down. The next thing you know, she's twerking away and rubbing her bare ass all over the bike seat. But that's not the kind of stuff people witness here on Steem.
  • Steem posts usually have something to offer, like prizes, or a brief moment in the spotlight.
    Unless you're interested in a used cat, I got nothing.

Wouldn't make much sense to include that in a Steem post.

  • Developers develop. Witnesses witness. Steemers Steemulate your senses.
    That barely made sense and if this was a Steem post or a post about Steem related activities, people would be excited to consume the crystal clear informat how.*
  • I was doing her from behind and she was farting to the beat of my pumps.Wouldn't make much sense to include that in a Steem post.

So thng fed, not reckless drivel. I don't know how.

So there's that.

I also thought, "Maybe I'll just leave it up to the Steem experts," aloud.

Somebody needs to write a post that isn't about Steem, so I thought I'd be that somebody, instead of being a nobody who does nothing.

I've been noticing how easy life can be when there are only two options.

Here on the Steem Blockchain we have:
1) Steem posts.
2) Everything else.

So do I write a Steem post, or do I show you this old picture of Jack with a big smile on his face?

Smiling Jack.jpg

What a lucky dog.

Look at all that cocaine!

It's so much fun at first:

NoNamesLeftToUse - This Mirror Looks Cool.jpeg

But then things start to change:

Inside the Belly - Copy.jpeg

Your inner beast takes over:

NoNamesLeftToUse - You're Finished.jpeg

And then you're gone:

NoNamesLeftToUse - Fast Dog Goes Fast.JPG

And now this is Jack's brain!

NoNamesLeftToUse - Forever.png


Don't do drugs.

Write Steem posts instead.


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