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The Land of Missed Opportunities

Try to not die, before you try.
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I've been planning something.

A big idea.

Someday, I'll finish this project, but I'm in no hurry.

You'll often see books. Somewhere on the cover and within, you'll often read the words, "Written by so-and-so. Illustrated by so-and-so."

These projects usually take more than one capable human. It's a lot of work, especially when there's other work that needs to be done as well.

I'm trying to be both, plus everything else I need and want to be, when I have the time.

I started almost twelve years ago.

That was to be my first book.

I lost everything.

I built that computer. Never had a problem I couldn't fix. Kinda still young, kinda still dumb. Maybe a little bit cocky and arrogant. Even my backup files were on the same damn hard drive, that crashed.

It never once crossed my mind something like that could happen to an 'expert' like me.
So stupid...

Several evenings of sitting alone, after work, with a case of beer, and the sound of smashing keys, constantly. All a memory, and it's a damn good thing my brain drive didn't crash.

I was devastated. Didn't write again until I showed up here, so close to three years ago.

I find it strange.

Strange how a tragedy can lead to something so much better.

Doing illustrations didn't even cross my mind at the time of writing. Digital art was another thing I gave up on and that was long before the hard drive incident. 2014 I picked up the habit again because I wanted to show off. Had a lady friend I wanted to impress.

She turned out to be crazy but I still enjoyed messing around with pixels. Almost forgot how relaxing it can be. About as good for the brain as eating fish.

And now, mainly because of what I do here on this blockchain, the original idea ballooned into something much bigger.

I can slowly chip away. There are plenty of opportunities to earn a little bit, as I go. Way back when I first started, years and years ago, finding a way to get paid for production time was impossible, unless you were a hot item and people saw dollar signs in your potential work.

Usually one needs to sell quite a few copies before someone wants to step up and pay you to write again, provided they get a cut of the profits.

Here, I(we) can do it all, independently. All on our own. Work at our own pace. And the words, once written, can never be erased. Decentralized data. Fancy stuff.

I realize some folks utilize this platform as more of a social media outlet. I respect that and often combine social media elements into my posts. The true potential though, once realized, is remarkable.

This damn thing can be anything you want it to be, plus a whole bunch more you didn't even think of.


I'm rambling.

Some changes coming up soon here on the chain. I hope I'm not alone when I say, I hope to see good things in the future, here.

For me, of course, because it's healthy to look out for number one. And for everyone else who still gives a crap and wants to see the place thrive as well.

I certainly don't expect to see drastic improvements within the first few hours. Hopefully I'm not the only one around with the ability to remain calm and be patient.

Still rambling?

Time to go.

I hope you enjoyed the art. Spent all night working on that one.

Have a nice day.

"Fresh starts. Good stuff."

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