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I Have A Little Secret To Share With Everyone!

So, I'm currently bored out of my fucking mind again!
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I Follow Hundreds of Accounts

So why can't I find some entertainment, whenever the hell I feel like voting?

Oh yeah! I remember now!

It's because nearly everyone quit!


Yes. YOU.

You're still here! Right?!?!?

These crickets need to stop bothering me!

Everywhere I go. Chirp chirp chirp.

I'll get serious now, if that's possible.

Many moons ago, yours truly, @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself, began this strange and sometimes pointless journey of content discovery.

I had noticed a pattern.

Many of the creative writers, outsider artists, and entertainer types; they either stopped producing what they had originally came here to produce, so they could chase the money, and fail. Or they simply quit because of the struggles many with actual talent face when they arrive here and try to put up with this shit.

It's not easy to write up a short story, or a new chapter for your novel. Producing art or processing photographs takes many hours. Writing jokes and skits is humiliating. Without the right crowd there to read, enjoy, and hopefully laugh; that writer could easily spiral into a severe state of depression.

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I know all about it.

And it only gets worse when you've worked your ass off and nobody even notices.

I'm sure you've heard about 'tribes' by now. If not, well, that's because you don't pay attention or you haven't been around lately.

There are 'official' curators within these tribes; and then there are people like me. 100% independent, do whatever the hell I want, kinda people.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Last One Left.jpeg

Right now, I feel, this:

That, is the current home for all things 'entertaining' on the STEEM blockchain.

I've been here nearly three years and I've met hundreds of entertaining people. Our work would always get buried on Steemit. Anywhere else on the internet, television, printed word; entertainment is huge and typically attracts the largest viewership/readership.

Don't get me wrong, I still give a shit about Steemit. Steemit simply can't get organized, yet. So now, if I want to find entertainment, I go straight to, and have a look-see.

It's still quite new. I think I'm on my third week of producing content to be viewed on, as well as a few other places.

The 'tribes' are working well for me. I've had my work show up in the top slots of every tribal trending page I've produced content for. #palnet, I've hit number one. #neoxian, I've hit number one. #steemleo, I've hit number one. #steemace, same thing, number one slot. #creativecoin, loving it. The best part is: I didn't even know most of these people before I stepped foot inside their domains, and when you trend, 40-50% of the rewards go right back into the community, so you don't leave feeling like the selfish sack of shit who took the last cookie.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Let It Go.jpeg

Moving Along

Because rambling...

The people behind did not put me up to this. I'm not here to shill any tokens. I just want to make my life easier so...

And by Mars,

he means

For some fucked up reason I staked well over 15000 of these CCC tokens and that means my vote is currently somewhere around the 20th most valuable; but that can all change pretty fast since I'm noticing more folks moving up the ranks, daily. Obviously they're seeing what I'm seeing, and of course more curators means more happy producers.

So, yeah. I have a lot of tokens and plan on staking more.

NoNamesLeftToUse - What Is This Place.jpeg

And that means I'm looking for some good shit to vote for.

I'm fussy and I miss all you fuckers who left and took your talents with you.

I'm not really interested in the five times per day here's my ONE boring photo post crowd. The here's the thing I made and now I'll distract you with my mile long signature I copy/paste into every post for some stupid reason crowd doesn't appeal to me either. I'm always hunting for actual talent and actual content. Not really interested in the social media style post, I'm more interested in the online magazine article style post.

I love a photography post when it's creative, unique, shows me things and places I'm unfamiliar with, and comes fully equipped with a write-up along with many photos.

Any creative writing is cool with me, even if it's a true story about your life, presented in a creative fashion. Telling me you walked your fucking dog today and sat in the park is not creative. Once you add a bunch of unnecessary details into that story, then things get interesting. Some of the best 'life' writing is only loosely based on life. Even the most uneventful day can turn into something awesome just by paying attention to the small things, and making them bigger.

I like art but I prefer oddities, trippy shit, anything bizarre. I enjoy the outsiders who develop their own styles. I think, when it comes to art, I don't follow the art. I follow interesting artists. Adding your own personality to each post makes it more appealing to me. I want to see what you have made more than what has been made, if that makes sense.

Humor. All forms of humor are cool with me but if it's a low effort post, I probably won't vote. I can handle profanity like any mature adult. Comedy can be filthy at times and that's fine with me.

Also, entertainment isn't all about happy feelings and smiles. Horror stories, thriller stuff, twisted shit, dark humor; I like those things.

All of those things are more than welcome within the 'creativecoin' tribe.

Also, keep in mind: Just because I don't like something, that doesn't mean everyone thinks the same way. There are more curators with different tastes and many of them might enjoy the things I don't like.

So, relax, be yourself, do your thing. I've been doing mine for years and I know for a fact those who don't like it will always outnumber those who do; humiliation comes with the territory. That's just how it is. Can't impress everyone but you won't impress anyone unless you try.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Siting on a Cloud of Steps.jpeg

So why am I going on and on and on...

And on and on and on about this?

Well, I guess I'm kind of hoping many of you who left, can see these words, and the potential here. There's also a lot of talented creative writers, artists, photographers, musicians out there who aren't using the 'creativecoin' tag, and that annoys me because I don't feel like creating multiple accounts and micromanaging my life to death, just to make your life easier.

The current best combination of tags to use to get the most out of my vote would be: 'creativecoin', 'palnet', and 'neoxian'; along with some actual tags that describe the content within. Enter in the actual content tags first and the tribe tags last. That helps with content discovery and organization.

When I vote, I'm looking for community builders. I skip all of the tag spammers and folks who constantly sell at these ridiculously low values. People willing to put some work in now, while the project is still a baby, stake a few tokens, so there's a future platform for the next generation to enjoy. Those who plant the seeds now so they can enjoy the abundance of fruit later are the ones I prefer to do business with and are the most valuable to the community, especially early on.

Over the years I'd always hear people complaining about how hard it is to earn visibility, followers, and tokens. These 'tribes' in their infancy offer all those folks a fresh start. I've been quietly recruiting a few folks, to test things out and see if their quality of life as a content producer will improve. I think it's safe to say, some have noticed a difference. More comments, more new followers, and a few more dollars. These things all add up to a healthy blog, over time.

Some folks view the future SMT and 'communities' as direct competition to these 'tribes' but I feel building healthy communities now only gives these healthy communities a head start when it comes time to benefit from SMTs and communities, since we won't have to start from scratch.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Thing Three.jpeg


This post is boring!

I don't need to sit back and wait for someone else to help get the word out. 'Creativecoin' isn't about that quilt grandma made and I think there's been some confusion about what kind of content is allowed within the group.

I also want it make it clear: I'm not planning to waste my votes on shit posts and reward milkers. Sure, if you want to spend all day spamming and not earning anything, fine. You could spend the same amount of time on one solid post and actually get somewhere. Your life is up to you though and I understand some folks like to stay down at the bottom.


Okay, that's enough yapping.

Have a nice day.

"I'll return to your regularly scheduled nonsense when I can make sense of my schedule."
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