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Are Assholes Only Assholes Because Of Their Assholes or Is It Something Else Like Tomatoes?

Some say, "A headline written in question form is a good way to get attention."
Do I really need to answer that now or is this just another pointless question?
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Are you actually thinking about these questions?

Do you feel knowing the answers will somehow improve your life?

Is it Monday where you are?

Do you like Mondays or are you someone who prefers another day?

Have you been to a restaurant that serves free refills? Do you actually get a refill? Why do the places with the tastiest drinks rarely offer refills?

Do you become annoyed with people who ask too many questions? If you do, is it because you don't have all the answers?

Where are my keys? Have you seen my keys? Why am I talking to a nasty key thief?

Should I actually write a post today?

Am I being an asshole? If an asshole was aware they were an asshole but continues to be an asshole, does that make them a bigger asshole, or is your anal retentiveness simply getting in the way of you having a good life, again?

How many questions is too many questions? Will it ever end?

Is there anything wrong with placing a question mark at the end of this sentence?

Did you forget to study?

Does this remind you of the nightmare you had the night before the big exam?

Why am I doing this?

Does there need to be a reason?

Did you remember to buy toilet paper?

Do you know why people leave socks in the forest?

Have you ever seen a white horse?

Did you know if you read this to someone with hiccups, they wouldn't have hiccups anymore?

Did it work?

Littering and?

Am I being a hack intentionally?

Since a roast goes in a roaster, what goes in a toaster?

Why would you put toast in a toaster when it's already toast?

Do you like tomatoes?

Do you say tomato or tomato when you say tomato?

That's all this post was really about. Tomatoes.

I grew some tomatoes.

When I was a kid, I thought they were called Tommy Toes. My mom still reminds me of that. It's kind of annoying but I still like Tomatoes.

Here's a picture of me and my tomatoes this year:


I've been on mushrooms the entire time!

I'm a better gardener that way.

Here's what they look like fully grown!

NoNamesLeftToUse - Growing Tomaters.png

The only thing I don't like about this particular strain is how they sing all night when I'm trying to sleep. During the day they give me directions to places I'm not going. "Turn left in one kilometer."

Do your tomatoes do that?

Am I doing something wrong?

Even when I threaten them by showing them what ketchup is, they refuse to shut up.

I was told gardening would be easy.

Those fucking hipsters lied to me again.

Have a nice day.

"Be nice! This post took me two days to grow!"
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