Double standards on Steemit for whales and moderators. A trail of corruption, fraud and abuse by @Logic from Steemcleaners

Did you know BernieSanders aka NextGenCrypto is paying off Steemcleaners "anti-spam" organization?

A week ago he sent 400 dollars to @Logic from Steemcleaners. How long has this been going on? As if the 1000 steem per week that Logic pays himself from the organization was not enough. It's coming from upvotes from the account @ADM which is Steempower that was stolen from the market making reward pool by Chinese Bitshares witness Abit years ago. 40 million dollars of SBD and Steem were stolen by this one man. No wonder Bernie never got flagged for spamming, mocking people and sexually insulting them and wishing death upon cancer patients. He is a verbal and reward pool rapist. He squats account names belonging to others. He now tries to act sweet because he is no longer rich and wants his account values to increase so he can more easily support his copious drug use.

All of these whales and witnesses only care about themselves and the easiest way to profit is to join in with the corruption and not try to change anything. More hard forks can't fix a gang of idiocracy and greed.

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27.09.2019 00:24

You will die.

27.09.2019 00:25

Yeah everyone going to die! DED is better anyway, lol life is just the tip off the iceberg! lol there is just sooooo much more! Patience!

07.10.2019 17:45

I dont think that very many people hold your spam comments with a very high regard any more.

its a shame that your owner abused the privileged position he found himself in

01.10.2019 08:25