Anyone find it funny how the multiple "spam cleaners" organizations never flag Bernie Sanders for his spam and sexual insults?

Steemit is the largest corrupt organization in all of crypto. And people keep crying about how the price is dropping.

BernieSanders sits in the discord of steemcleaners and hurls sexual insults and violence at people while people like @JustineH sit back and laugh and cheer him on.. now look at who is at top of trending for claiming she's going to a bitcon conference! HAHA!

High steem price means pedophiles and thieves like Tanel Sillaots aka @UBG, @warren.buffett, @NRG are cashing out to pay their little boyfriends and buy drugs for kids.

Buy steem! Support pedophilia!

@Ned is a drug addict. @ausbitbank is a fraudulent abuser who gave his kids autism along with his whore @Krystle. @Abit is a commie chinese scammer. @JamesC is a scammer who is probably gonna get hurt by some of the people his power has abused. @GTG is a liar and a thief and cheats on his taxes. Hence the anonymity. @smooth is a scammy inside trader who takes advantage of poor people to increase his wealth.

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29.08.2019 12:05

Mark, look at how pathetic your life is. THIS is how you spend your time. THIS is what you go to bed and wake up thinking about EVERY DAY.

You're fucked up dude, you should check yourself in somewhere and get some help.

29.08.2019 18:15

03.09.2019 17:50

Look at this silly twat making manual comments. Someone has too much time on their hands!!

03.09.2019 17:50

But are you having fun?

31.08.2019 21:07

Hey why did u downvote this legit comment , @kawaiicrush

04.09.2019 16:11

Honestly u are just abusing this platform , this comment above wasn’t spam

04.09.2019 16:12

Good question.. @kawaiicrush?

04.09.2019 17:30

What did these babies do to deserve being verbally harassed by an adult man? You don't give a flying a fuck about real issues. Just care about your own ass over a .01 negative downvote. Do me a favor.. and go fuck yourself you sack of selfish shit.

05.09.2019 05:06

Your obsession with @berniesanders is pathetic. Get a life.

05.09.2019 05:06

He spelled you're wrong, wow!

06.09.2019 03:32

Where is the link to this comment/post on the blockchain, I wan't to see the original for confirmation?? Bernie would not send me the link!

15.09.2019 19:14

Hi @noganoo would you be so kind as to have a look at my post and give some feedback as to what you think is going on. I would really appreciate your considered opinion.

04.09.2019 10:19