Steem greetings to this adorable family
Hope all of us are doing great. Allow me share with you another piece of my diary of how i spend my day .It goes thus
I stopped sleeping at 5 :15 when my alarm ranged but I got up from bed at 6 :am
Dedicated my day to God.
And left for my house chores that is cleaning the house and washing dishes and warmed food. When done with the chores, i brushed, took my bath and left for our normal Wednesday classes organised by YEESJA NGO.

while there, we were thought about time management,( always programing ur activities and executing them in accordance with the time planned) how to manage time, i understood that time can be managed by always planning ahead of time, programing, being organized, time cautious and avoid doing many tasks at a time and importance of time management are efficiency and productivity,provide better quality of work, less procrastination, deliver work on time,leads to more opportunities. That's what i got from class today. The class ended at 11am.

Us at the YEESJA class

I decided to pay a visit to my mom and aunt since it's been a while since I met them. When I arrived there they were preparing cabbage and fufu. I assisted them we finished preparing and ate. After eating we barely had nothing to do rather than chat and watch the tv.

Washing cabbage

Me enjoying the food

From there my aunt invited me to their bible sharing in church which was at 4 30. While there, the preaching was that christians should pay more attention to Godly things rather than paying attention to worldly things. We closed at 5:30 and I took a taxi straight to our home and I arrived home at 6: 30. Did some light things, wrote my diary and got set to sleep.
Sound sleep friends.
Hope you learned one or two things from my dairy
See you soon

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Indeed our lesson today was a good one my dear,I thank you guys all for making it up to the meeting,I aslo encourage you to stick to this our lesson today on time management and see how you will overcome and meet up with all your daily task and you will become more successful iife..... actually you had a great day mom,I love the food you are eating ūü•į

12.05.2021 23:57

Thanks u

13.05.2021 05:24

Woaw you had quite a wonderful day, I've learned one or two things about time management just by reading your diary

13.05.2021 02:38

Happy to hear u learned something

13.05.2021 05:25

Wow !what a wonderful initiative by @yeesja, i guess it was really enriching...Was interesting indeed.keep up steeming on @noelamontana

13.05.2021 04:52

Keep up and put your focus are learning. Yeesja is doing every thing to make sure you are complete your program successfully.

13.05.2021 09:41

Time management is indeed very important. It is always said by my pastor, failure to plan is planning to fail
And one of my secondary school teachers always used the law of 5P proper preparation prevents poor performance

Thanks for sharing your diary. Happy you enjoyed your meal.

affable #twopercent #cameroon

13.05.2021 09:52

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18.05.2021 18:37