THE DIARY GAME: HOW I SPENT MY DAY ....BY @noelamontana, 8/5/2021

Hello my humble steemians.
Hope you are doing great as I am.
Here comes the ever first episode of my diary
I got up at 5: 30am
And never prayed bc I was late already. I and my mom planned to prepare achu very early in the morning at 5 am because we were expecting visitors in our house that's y i said I was late. I left the bed and went straight to the kitchen to stand the achu pot on the fire. After that I prepared things for the soup, the cocoyams got ready and we pounded it. After that I washed dishes and finished at about 10.

My mom had bought water leave and okomabong i don't know the name in english sha. So I had to slice the vegetwbles, clean and stock it in the fridge. I finished this at about 2pm. Since I was tired i decided to rest while manipulating my phone.

That's the okomabong

That's the water leave

After some minutes of resting i remembered my mom told me we will be preparing koki against tomorrow Sunday reason being that she hates cooking on Sunday's because when ever we return from church places are hot and she won't be able to withstand the excess heat
So I went out to prepare the things for the koki
That washing the koki beans and grinding it, prepare the plantain and cocoyam leaves.
We finally finished and stand the koki in the fire at about 8pm

That's The koki

By then I was dam tired. I took a bath and almost slept immediately but I said I must write my own diary today so I just pesevered to write up this diary hope u loved my diary
Good night from my end family

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You are welcome to the #steemit and most especially to the #steemcameroon.

Your first diary is just 😘😘😘 .let this fire that is burning in you continue and you will enjoy yours stay here.

Now coming back to your post ,when God is first everything is possible. So no matter how late you are make sure you do your prayer

Secondly,always do your diary on steemcameroon community and not #PromoSteem ok.

I just like the way you and mom do your things together. It will make you a great woman out there. Just keep it up

All that chop so only for you guys in one day. PLEASE INVITE ME NEXT TIME
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08.05.2021 22:54

I have heard ur advise and thanks for the direction
U are invited for the koki tomorrow 😋😋

08.05.2021 23:04

Wow First ever diary but yet you rock already!! Keep on steeming fam.😆

09.05.2021 03:36


09.05.2021 04:28

Wow Noella your are welcome to this wonderful platform your first ever diary post is so wonderful Jeep it up But always remember to pray and thank God for the Gift of life. No matter how long it will take u. just few seconds of saying lord I thank you for this new day can do us good. But I really your day was great. Cooking, cooking cooking
Steem on#twopercent

09.05.2021 08:15

Thanks sir
I wont be late for prayers next time

10.05.2021 05:48

Hello, thank you for posting on the PromoSteem community. However, it should be noted that the PromoSteem community is a community page that is only used to post #Promo-Steem activities. Thank you,

Regard :)

10.05.2021 04:28

Thanks for the correction
will correct my mistake next time

10.05.2021 05:43