Collage Contest: Markel


At first, I don't have an idea what will be the main idea of my collage. Lots of random stuffs are going around inside my head which caused me to be confused.

Tried searching for some random free pictures in the internet. Until I saw this picture of buildings.

This picture gave me a hint on what to do for my collage. I thought of using superheroes trying to save a person from a villain. My main super heroes will be some of the members of the Avengers and I gave it a twist. The villain will be King Kong because that building in the center reminds me of him where he is being shot by planes on top of the building.

I changed the Marvel logo into Markel. The letter K stands for King Kong because he is part of the main theme.
Then I started editing the picture.
Here are the process photos

The pictures used

Comments 2

Really cool and the Markel name is so funny:) Thank you for taking part:)

13.01.2020 18:43