Lessons from the book: The little Prince or: l’importance des petites choses


"On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur, l’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux"

You can only see clearly with your heart, the essential is invisible to the naked eye.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

This phrase sounds so sweet in french and so deep in Spanish, however i think i did a poor job translating it to english i should check how it was written in the english version of the book.

Today this phrase has been in mind mind after spending half an hour on wassap with my son on a video call.

I had not talked to him in about one week and today for the first time since i left he decided he wanted to play with me, and he was putting his mother's iPhone in his toy cars and sharing with me over the distance, getting closer thanks to the waves.

I call him my little prince, as that book and Jonathan Seagull Livingstone were my bed books when i was his age, lovefully read to me by my grand mother Valentina. (RIP)

My son is Valentin in her honor, Valentin Eloy, my grand parents names (the ones i knew) Curiously on my father side their names were Eloy and Eloina, a coincidence maybe, for two souls that managed to love and tolerate each other for the best part of 70 years.

But as usual i digress, I wonder what people thinks after reading a post of mine, sometimes myself wonders what the hell i am talking about.

In any case the phrase in my head made me google it (especially as i wanted to write it properly in french for this post) and i found a blog on the internet that gives a really good interpretation of the evident sense of it n the book, and the deeper one that appears just after having read the book a million times, which is not rare as i would think anyone who reads it once, reads it once and again forever.

Now I remember why I started rambling about the little prince!

I never managed to interest my son on it, not enough pictures in a world of children books made of animated 3d art and a tweet worth of text... I tried many times to read it for his bed time and after a few seconds he went to look for one of the books full of drawings my ex-wife brought from the public library

No, that is not the subject of this post.

But if you have children, try to be better than me, or at least buy the expensive new versions of the book with better pictures than the meager black and white pencil illustrations from the French pilot and hero shoot down in the shores of Marseille by a German fighter.

Hell did i mention that 10 years ago I went diving where the plane is supposed to have crashed ...I did not see it and was utterly disappointed that time.

In any case,

I was really pleased of the half hour i spent on the phone playing with my son.

It shows that nature finds always a way, no matter how difficult situations are, humans (especially at young ages) are able to adapt and using their imagination fulfill their desires and needs when those are essential

So if you read french please visit the link i used as source of the picture adorning this post, and give it a read.

If you don't read french, please let me know what the hell this post was about in the comments section.


My next gift for when i have a place to call home

By way of deception thou shalt make war.

"Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety."
Proverbs 24:6

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Someone misses home, methinks

22.11.2019 20:12

No, I miss my little beasties, deeply miss them, but actually i filled me with joy to share and play with my son, he did not ask as he used to do when i lived there: Papa, tu viens jouer avec moi it was invariably met with a stupid adult reply about either being busy or my inability to go to his level and play because i was thinking of blockchain shit.

He just started playing while on the phone, moving it like a spaceship and what not... I would usually ask him to stop and to put down the phone so i can see his face, but today i kinda understood that he was connecting with me that way and that the roller-coaster telephone video i was being inflicted was US playing... Then he went to his room and fetched a lego batmobile i gifted him a while ago and put the phone on it.

Then it was pijamask Yoyo's car turn, one for me one for him.

I was too stupid in the past to learn to share with them, and well now i am paying the price maybe...

When i was in Grenoble i talked a lot with my friend, hte father of her daughter never has shown any interest and initially i tought what an idiot, but today my son made me understand that i was the same kind of idiot all the times i let those opportunities go away.

If i just had a time machine... Don't we all wish to have one at one point or another?

I realized that i have lost the child inside, i have let it die or wilt, maybe is the Aspie in me I dont know. But i need to find and save my inner child, now that i think of it, i am guessing the Roland, the hero Cowboy from the dark tower took Jake under his wing not as a father, he was sacrifiying himself to save his inner child... I need to go back to reading, hell how i used to love reading before the presbitia set home in my eyes...

22.11.2019 20:23

Wrong account, haha

Sometimes a little distance actually makes things easier and clearer. Most aspies function better at a distance.
You can be both far and near and let your son teach you how to be a child again.
As a kid, I wasn't impressed when my parents tried to make me read the books of their childhood either, haha.

As for the damn presbitia, reading glasses and avoiding getting so overtired helps a lot

22.11.2019 20:35

23.11.2019 07:59

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