Exploring Blockchain technologies to incentivize interest in learning industrial skills and knowledge transfer.

This was originally posted in linkedin and it is one of the visions i have that can become a very interesting real world case use bringing quality content and real people to steemit.

As an automation engineer and a training manager I see endless possibilities of using block-chain technology to reward industry workers and incentivize them in joining off the work training programs.


eLearning Strategies and blockchain technology can Enable Successful Intra-Organizational Knowledge Transfer.

There are a few block-chains that apart from the monetary ledger offer social interaction capabilities and are more or less a key in hand solution for companies looking in to motivating their employees into spending their free time learning and developing their competencies and skillset.

Imagine something Facebook like where people engagement and participation is rewarded with tradeable tokens that can be converted in FIAT money.

Most companies have tried in the past to create forums and incentive employees to share they know-how and create an in-house crowd sourced knowledge base, but having no economic incentive, these initiatives have never been adopted by the employees and eventually have died.

I have been exploring the resilience of the graphene based block-chains for the last 3 years in my spare time, their economic models and the impact of the inflationary effect to generate rewards.

I also have successfully created a few communities using collaborative tools and managed to retain and incentive participation in educational activities by using the rewards of the current block-chains in place.

Ask yourself:

  • How much is your company’s yearly budget in training, how much of it goes to overheads in travel expenses either mobilizing trainers either mobilizing trainees to where the training is done.
  • What is the knowledge exchange ratio amongst your employees? (organic knowledge transfer)

Now imagine that with a fraction of the yearly costs, you can run a thriving community open to both your employees and to external advisors, in an environment where knowledge transfer occurs organically and the participants are economically rewarded thus incentivizing their participation, adoption and retention rate.

It can be setup in a way that is private by invitation only to avoid leaking sensitive information about your operations, or a public consultable searchable knowledge base about your industry sector fueled by the know-how of all actors of the segment.

I am currently exploring paths and cases of study, while working into programming an interface to interact with the blockchains.

I am interested in your feedback and your questions, as it will very valuable input for the development of the prototype.

I am currently running a closed experiment with a block-chain main-net using an open source block-chain technology (STEEM) and exploring the proper reward’s allocation model and the proper monetary policy for the private sector.

Working into turning a Distributed Stake Based Rewards allocation (DPOB) model into a Centralized Stake Rewards Proof of Brain model to sustain the individual interest into crowdsourcing organic knowledge exchanges and transfers.

Recommended readings:

"Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety."
Proverbs 24:6

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Greetings dear friend @nnnarvaez.

This is a wonderful idea. This prototype that you are developing has a fairly wide field of applicability and in my opinion its feasibility is total.

The creation of scenarios that allow the interaction and the organic exchange of knowledge among the employees of an organization is a necessity within the work environment. This would allow constant training and not only during special events.

The knowledge would be transmitted to all levels and departments of the organization, thus allowing the integral training of the participants.

I think it's great that you have selected the blockchain steem for your pilot test. Definitely the allocation of rewards by brain test is the most appropriate in this case.
Imagine the members of the HR department of an organization sharing their proposals and participating in a kind of contest where the best proposal will be awarded. This would create an environment of healthy competition where personal and professional experiences would be exchanged.

Your friend, Juan

30.10.2019 18:27

You seized the concept Juan, and also provides with a searchable knowledge base for future reference you can hire external advisors to participate and increase the overall competency level...

As you imagine the steemit one is not adecuate for this, but i have been running a STEEM private network for about 1 year now and it is just what is needed.
And the main advantage is that is not exposed at the volatility of markets and the peg can be kept.
I initially tought of doing it on steemit but after trying to explain the idea to a few stake holders i realized they are not interested in real case uses outside of especulative trading the coin and trying to extort the max ROI from the rewards pool.
Thanks god its code is open source.

31.10.2019 02:03

The concept caught my attention since I have been working in the human resources area of certain organizations for many years and this allowed me to visualize the potential of your proposal. It is very valuable.

31.10.2019 17:27

Once i finish the prototype i will be interested in running some tests for free financed by my self in industril enviroments where HSQE is critical in that subject.

31.10.2019 20:15

it´s sound great!

01.11.2019 05:52

The concept caught my attention since I have been working in the human resources area of certain organizations for many years and this allowed me to visualize the potential of your proposal. It is very valuable.

31.10.2019 16:28

Do you thing you can help organize pilots ?

03.11.2019 21:44

It will be nice to see more of such knowledge sharing contents on Steem. The main problem I see is that such content deserves to be rewarded for a long period of time. However on Steem, the reward window is 7 days

31.10.2019 00:15

Thanks for your comment.
However, this is not the direction i am looking into, steem content is dispposable indeed when is logging and the such, what i envisage is to create rich exchanges between peers by rewarding their engagement, and sell it as a elearning facility in which the participants are segmented, pre evaluated and after a period of exchanging post evaluated to provide measurable results to customers on the improvment of competencies and skills of their work force.

Of course it will be an illusion to do it in the real steem with all the bullshit and the drama unless there was a way to properly isolate the content.

so the idea is not to attrack knowledge keepers to share it here for peanuts.. the idea is to provide a platofrm for knowledge exchange for private companies as part of their training facilities.

There is a big difference between steem the coin, steemit the company and the steem blockchain.

There are already several real case uses isolated from the steem for kids running private steem blockchains including one for the E.U

here is for the crypto kiddies to play whales and make bidbots

31.10.2019 01:06

i am stealing this from your blog:

As it defines exactly what i foresee to propose as a product.

Do you have frontend coding skills ?

31.10.2019 01:11

I see. So I supposed you are envisioning a private version of Steem with proper access control to data so that users can share content to specific audience only?

The picture is not done by me, haha.. I have some coding skills but that's not my full time job

31.10.2019 04:35

Well only employees has access to the data and to post.

The elearning blockchain has a budget... you get the gist

31.10.2019 09:59

Something like this?

But with actual rewards instead of badges?

31.10.2019 11:37

Exactly, $ instead of badges.

The employes use a gateway to redeem their earnt tokens.

I tried to pitch this to several steemit whales but they are not interested, as there isnot a ROI fast enough for them.

That is why i like the image i told you i will steal...

Just the S stands for sustainabe, and needs a D somewhere for durable...

When we start to work in real world case uses andnot some bullshit vaporware scammy ICO like finger blood vessel ID or the myriad of bullshit tokens.

WE ARE actually making Blockchain technology advance in the right direction.

That is why I work mostly alone even though now i have the help of other Aspies.

Everytime i have tried a joint venture with normies or crypto kiddies I have ended with the idea stolen and turned to shit or scammed.

This post is not very technical for the steemit population, but as you se it is written in plain english as it appeared originally in LinkedIn where there are potential customer with real needs and they dont speak crypto. (Crypto NOT BTC lol)

31.10.2019 13:29

Upvoted and resteemed @nnnarvaez

01.11.2019 11:32

Thank you !

01.11.2019 11:53

Greetings @nnarvaez menudo project you take in hands, sounds very interesting and revolutionary (revolutionary eye in the good sense).

Perhaps as you say, this is the key point that motivates people within a company to feed back their colleagues and why not all together be trained through this initiative.

I can't think of anything at the moment, but as soon as I think of something I won't hesitate to comment on it 👍

Thank you for reading my comment and wishing you a happy day, evening or night.✌️

03.11.2019 00:50

Hahaha I know revolutions can be a good thing, as long as they are not red.

A brazilian writter said: A revolution is when the extraoirdinary becomes quotidian.

It can be war and misery, or wealth and progress, the problem is that usually greed and fear are the drives of revolutions, not in the case of Aspies, we want to to change the world for the better !

03.11.2019 21:46