Hello everyone. I am new here and this is my first post here.

Every day I wake up reminiscing about the opportunities that a working mum is exposed to. Getting to meet new persons, places, gists and a lot more. So much exposures. 🤔I wished I could work.
All through the day my mind keeps running through the salary I could earn if I worked or did a physical business. Be financially independent and attain some social status.
At the end of the day I imagine all I could do for myself and love ones if I only worked and earned some wages. Unfortunately, all these benefits elude me since I do not work for anticipated weekly or monthly payments. It weighs me down most times.
I wished I could always look beautiful and breathtaking like some gainfully employed women in their office wears and high heeled shoes but I cannot do that because I have my little ones to run after and won’t forget me if I tripped and fell 😆😆😆.
I brood about the tasking jobs of cooking, cleaning, washing
and putting back displaced items in their proper places 🙆🏼‍♀️. I wished to leave the house in the morning to work and come back in the evening.
My baby insists I give her all the attention and especially back

her and rock her to sleep deeply before laying her down else I start all over. I wonder if I could do that if I worked 🤔🙁.
From making breakfast to lunch and then to dinner. A sit at home mum must see to everyone’s taste bud satisfaction and at the end all she gets is just “thank you”. Oh no! I need a break from all these chores, they’re draining my might and mind 😩.
At 4pm, the boys are back from school and the season two of the series begins. Evening jogging and racing through the house begins. Talking to everybody and nobody, squeezing face up and down 😠😠and making of some angry gestures are paramount. Teaching and assignment follows. Some minutes of “must join in the play” follow.
Dinner? Bedtime stories? The list goes on. Somebody! Anybody! heeelllppp😲😲😲
The children have finally retired for the day. Other duties and security checks must be carried out while daddy waits patiently for his lovely wife to lay down by his side. Sometimes, he’s already in dreams’ land 🛌 before she closes for the day. Do I still wish I could work at this point? “Hell No” because am worn out, fagged out and completely drained!
The foolishness of God is greater than the wisdom of man. He made sleep for the body, mind and soul for the revival, renewal and rejuvenation of man wholistic well-being else the psychiatrists would run out of spaces for their patients.
Glory be to God The Almighty 🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️.
I wished all my wishes come true BUT if being a sit at home mum could give peace to my home and make us a happy family, then I have no regrets.
If being a sit at home mum could help make my children role models and better citizens, then I have no regrets.
If I do not go out to work for wages and selfish reasons at the detriment of my home and peace but puts in the required effort to make our nation and society better, then I have no regrets.
I have a phone. The world is going digital. I can work from home and still meet all my needs.
Steemit has this opportunity and I have to put in the required effort. Sit at home mums are neither lazy nor liabilities. I am proudly one of them and I earn a living too.
Thank you 🙏

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Is not easy to be a mother @nneoma08, the task is too much but at the same time the wish of every good woman. Thanks for sharing this.

16.04.2021 20:59

Exactly. It’s tasking and massive profits yielding at the same time. Thank you so much

16.04.2021 21:19

Motherhood though tasking, but it's a bunch of blessings. Thanks for this piece @nneoma08

16.04.2021 21:03

Thanks so much Ma’am

16.04.2021 21:19

You are doing great, beautiful African lady. You've got the most prestigious job any woman can have. Taking care of your own kids and the family. Do not forget that there are lots of top executive working women whom aren't blessed with the gift of motherhood. Count your blessings and give thanks unto God.

16.04.2021 21:10

You’re amazing Sir. Thank you so much

16.04.2021 21:20

You're welcome to the community ma... Just be patient. I'm so sure that you'll enjoy this community

16.04.2021 21:33

Thanks so much, lovely. Am so eager to develop my skills here.

16.04.2021 22:26

You have beautiful children Nneoma. Your article is amazing and you should definitely pick up writing. You could start a mommy blog and educate people on the pros, cons and joys of motherhood. I wish you the best of luck Nneoma.

17.04.2021 14:56

Am so wowed @fairyoddara. Thank you so much. Will definitely think it through.

18.04.2021 15:45