There is a trending post all over social media on the issue of rape.
People have written so much about it but almost all of them are pointing accusing fingers on women being the major cause of rape as a result of indecent dressing.


But I beg to differ. Women are not the only victims of rape, men are also victims of rape. We say indecent dressing is the major reason why women are raped, then what's the major reason of men being raped?
Apart from that, how about innocent children and teenagers who are being raped even babies? Are we going to say it's because of their indecent dressing? Fathers sexually molesting their daughters, Uncles/aunties molesting their nieces and nephews, maids being molested by their masters and mistresses and even bosses at work molesting their employees, are these all because of indecent dressing?
The answer is NO!

The fact remains that this is a tool the devil decided to release to destroy destinies even the Church. Even so leaders of the Church are involved in the act of rape but still preach against it. When the Church fail to instill morals and values, parents neglect their responsibilities of training their children as God commanded, it's high time we accept that the devil is all out to destroy and he found RAPE to be a very useful tool.


Most prostitutes today were victims of rape at very early stages of their lives and some of them were sexually molested by especially family. Let's not be less concerned about this subject matter, we may not be a victim of rape today but what if it happens one day we or our children or friends fall victim. Let's arise and say NO TO RAPE...

It's time for the church to rise and pray that this spell released by the devil these last days, that God will deliver and give the Church the wisdom to overcome this particular demon called RAPE.


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