Shadows on the hillside

Well hello there, creatures of the Internet!

Welcome to my little blog this sunny Saturday morning. For the first time in several weeks has the sun honored us with its presence. It might have become colder but it ain't that moist cold. In the shadows, it's still some frost that the sun hasn't melted yet.


But the frost could be gone quite soon thanks to the sunshine 😍


Thank you, dear creatures of the internet, for visiting my little blog 😘

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Thanks for the update 😘

30.11.2019 19:50

Wonderful Shadows photos @njord.
Please remember to post a photo or your link to the contest to make your entry official.
Thank You..!

05.12.2019 02:23

Great shadows! It is so nice to get a sunny day this time of year.

Remember to post your link on the contest page!

05.12.2019 14:36

Thank you!

05.12.2019 14:44

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05.12.2019 15:18

It's my pleasure!

05.12.2019 15:20