The Cameroon Steemit Njangi Program is an initiative that came into play curtesy of @thegreens and strongly supported by these Cameroon steemians who form the pioneer of this Njangi Beneficiary program @thegreens, @mr-greens, @verlonji, @peacemakers, @njiatanga, @nforyembe, @yeesja, @fombae, @Saxo, @Joelmanas and This is the second week running for the Njangi program and i am the second beneficiary. We can see the first beneficiary that is last week HERE


For this first phase of the njangi we are about 12 Steemians with the responsiblity to contribute 3SBD each every Sunday as agreed which will be given to the beneficiaries of each week. The rules are, 25% of the payout is use to power up the beneficiary steemit account and the balance to invest in a business. Below is how i intend to use my remaining funds after i have power up 25% of the total Njangi contributions.


For weeks now Steem-Cameroon has been going through some structuring with strategic organs being put in place in order to grow a full support system for the ever growing number of steemians here in Cameroon. With all the radio talks and sensitization campaigns that has been running over the week we have noticed an influx of many Cameroonians precisely in the city of Bamenda coming to create their steemit accounts and as well go through the mentorship program. It is in this light the Our Steem-Cameroon Literacy Center that started timidly weeks ago has gained grounds and therefore needs an uplift. So i will be investing my remaining 75% for the Literacy Center so that we can acquire more chairs, tables, office stationaries, rent and other didactic materials To be able to handle the work load of each day . The Pictures bellow shows the work activities at the Cameroon-Steemit Literacy Center


The rush to know about Steemit and how to obtain an account can be so amazing

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-17 at 04.24.05 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-17 at 04.24.04.jpeg

Though still pending of an official Inauguration, The Steem-Cameroon Literacy Center is located at Che Street Ntarikon same building, same floor with City fm radio and opens its doors every Tuesday to Saturday's from 8AM prompt to 3PM daily. We are looking forward to reaching out through this center to every single steemian and would be steemian with our mentorship programs that will be running at the center. I personally wish to thank @yeesja who has provided this space for the center and has solidly been there to see that we reach out to persons with the little resources available at the moment. We hope in the days ahead to officially inaugurate The Steem-Cameroon Literacy Center

Lastly i humbly salute the efforts and zeal of the members of this Njangi program for it will go a long way to support and help retain steemians on the steemit platform here in Cameroon

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So i will be investing my remaining 75% for the Literacy Center so that we can acquire more chairs, tables, office stationaries, rent and other didactic materials

Wow, I remember when you told me on phone about the center, i was like okay where do we get the necessary materials to make the center look like center. Not having visitors standing and having unanswered questions in their mind. This really an amazing decision you have made. I will pass by and pledge my own physical support. Like i all ways say, we need to reach the trending communities on the steemit platform. We have started massive recruit, retaining will be the next.
I will want to also used this opportunity to thank @yeesja for offering us the space.
Let steem on

25.04.2021 01:49

Busy day it was

25.04.2021 02:14

Thanks alot for doing every thing to keep Cameroon Steemians active. This njangi is a breakthrough for us, by the time we are come to the end of this first face story go change oh. Ha. Boy ahead ahead.

25.04.2021 03:52

Oh Wow!! what an Initiative...
This is totally awesome... totally... I will have to stop by the centre this week to see what's happening and what we can do to speed things up...

Kudos boss man

25.04.2021 05:53

Bravo Bravo..! our #steemitNjangi program is raising steam and steem... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Big up @njiatanga for this initiative...

25.04.2021 06:04

Great initiative @njiatanga ,i look forward to visiting the center as soon as I can. Kudos to steemit njangi for supporting this great initiative.

25.04.2021 06:56

This is simply super amazing @njiatanga. Using Steem to promote Steem via Steemit Njangi. This is inspiring and we will definitely support the center with a few resources in the days ahead. This reminds us of the Steemit Literacy Center we created a year ago.


I think we need to create more of these centers in the city. Special appreciation to @yeesja for making the space available and i aslo want to use this opportunity to thank @nforyembe of who has always made the Y'G office and resources available for all our Steemit Trainings.
Keep the excellent work going on.
@stephenkendal and @steemcurator01, Steemit Njangi is beginning to create the steem-impact we seek.
From little things, big things grow

26.04.2021 16:31

This is an excellent way to spend. Spend steem for Steemit. I can't wait to visit next week.
please, i am readily available for any mentorship or any service you need. This is awesome!

26.04.2021 16:50

Busy day it was

27.04.2021 06:20

Wow. This is a great initiative Sir. Your passion for this platform is a great source of inspiration to newcomers and me in particular. Kudos ! and may this investment return in 10 folds ....

03.05.2021 18:01