NOSK Nasal Nose Filter, Reducing Airborne Viruses and "save life"

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Coronavirus protection*


ULTRA PROTECTION FROM POLLEN, PARTICULATES & ALLERGENS: This is the best alternative to tablets, nasal sprays, and other anti-allergy medications. Feel safe with NOSK’s nasal filter, we help keep pollution out without the medication side effects such as drowsiness and dry mouth


CHOOSE YOUR BEST FIT: You’re unique and so is your nose so we created a product that will fit you, whatever size that maybe we’ve got you covered. Rest assured, our products are lightweight allowing you to forget you’re even wearing it


DISCRETE, FLEXIBLE AND EASY TO WEAR: Other facial masks cover your face, are uncomfortable, make you sweat and a number of other uncomfortable things. With the NOSK nasal filter, all of these problems are eliminated with our patent pending breathable foam you’ll be in comfort all day long


FDA APPROVED: Unlike many nasal filters on the market today, our nasal filters are FDA approved and award-winning. We are constantly researching and improving our products to ensure you’re getting the best nose filters available. Designed by a team of ear, nose and throat specialists - you’re in good hands
CHECK OUR SIZING CHART: At NOSK, we’re sure our nasal filter will never disappoint but to do that we need your help. Please ensure that you check our image sizing chart so you get the best sized product to fit your nose needs.

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