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📢 Contest Announcement 📢: Drawing and Painting Contest On Steem Skillshare | Club75 💗

Hello friends,

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I hope you all are well. So guys, here I am bringing you a new contest today. This contest is for those of you who do drawing and painting. I have seen creative painters here. That's why I thought it would be good to organize a contest like this.

You can submit any kind of drawing or painting you like for this contest. But be as original as possible.

Rules of Contest

• Subscribe to the steem skillshare community and post your article here.

• At least you must be a part of club5050.

• Content with plagiarism and spam are never accepted.

• 10% rewards should be added for steem skillshare community in your article.

• Invite your friends to participate in the contest.

• Resteem this post for more users to know about the contest.

• Your article must be in English and make sure it has at least 230 words. Also present the steps.

• You need to take a selfie with your drawing or painting.

• Be sure to include #skillshare-contest, #drawing, #painting , #steemexclusive#art, #club5050 and  hash tags among your first six hashtags.

• The title of your article should look like this, [ Drawing and Painting Contest on Steem skillshare | Your tittle ]

Important 🖋️🖋️

• The contest ends when this post expires.

• Mention me anywhere in your article.

• Winners will be selected on the basis of quality and creativity.

Contest Prizes 🎁🎁

• Contest winners receive a booming upvote as a prize.

• Also, all participants will receive surprise votes. But those prizes will only go to competitors who follow the rules.

If you like to support steem skillshare community, you can joined community curation trail,

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🎀 Thanks for reading 🎀

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