Wine Bottle Shadows for Shadow Photo Contest 99

I didn't think I was going to have an opportunity find any new material to enter for this week's ShadowContest when I suddenly noticed some interesting wine bottle shadow patterns appeared dancing in front of me as I prepared dinner on New Year's Day.

"Bottle Shadows"
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I love the way the light looked as it reflected through the bottle of pinot grigio onto the wall, creating the golden areas.



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Froma slightly different angle, a shadow from a cross I keep on the kitchen windowsill appeared to almost float on the wall next to the wine bottle shaows.

This is my contribution to the #ShadowHunters #ShadowContest Round 99 created by the lovely @melinda010100 where this week's theme is the wildcard "Show Me A Shadow No. 7"

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I# hope the New Year gives you infinite opportunities to follow your dreams, love like there is no tomorrow, and wear a smile on your face more days than ot! ### 🎉💫🥂

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03.01.2020 14:06

I love this shadow photo and I really love the bottle stopper in the opened bottle! Thanks so much for entering!

03.01.2020 14:08

You're very kind and flattering-- thank you!
This was a last minute entry I put together during the early hours this morning.💫

Happy Friday! @melinda010100

03.01.2020 14:24

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Thank you for the add to the @steemitworldmap

04.01.2020 08:27
Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
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03.01.2020 14:14

I think you deserve some $trdo

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03.01.2020 14:14

Don't forget to add your link to the contest post to be officially entered! The contest closes in 2 hours. 😘

03.01.2020 14:14

Yes, and thanks for the reminder.😀✌
I just finished leaving a comment with my link.

03.01.2020 14:28

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03.01.2020 14:14

Wow, the two images are fantastic. Love them both and both are outstanding.

03.01.2020 14:43

Like these photos! Good luck in contest!

03.01.2020 14:54

Those are some awesome shadows you captured Nina!! Good luck in the contest!! 💖 !tip

03.01.2020 15:28
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03.01.2020 15:28

🍾 Awesome shadows 😊

03.01.2020 15:29

Amazing shot 👍

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03.01.2020 16:02

Hi handsome
This month has been a lot of work for me so I have only published and I have not had more time
but I wish you a happy new year full of peace and happiness friend

03.01.2020 16:46

very cool shadow play!

03.01.2020 19:29

Glad you like the shadows and I appreciate you taking time to stop by to leave a compliment!

Have a great weekend! @bluefinstudios👍

04.01.2020 10:45

Trippy refractions. What kind of food shadows will you pair with that pinot?

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03.01.2020 23:37

Seeing how you soon will have a bumper crop of mushrooms, how about....mushrooms?! @sketch.and.jam 🍄🥂🍄

04.01.2020 10:39

Ну и ладненько

04.01.2020 03:55

Great shadows @ninahaskin, with a smoky effect. The cross is a nice touch-makes it look ethereal.

🧨 Happy New Year Nina, to you and yours! 🎉 ❤️

05.01.2020 01:31

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06.01.2020 14:17

Cool classy shadow i love it .

07.01.2020 07:34