Monk Rezaul gave relief to his neighbors for his money...

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Physically handicapped. Rezaul Haque (40) is a beggar by profession. After losing one of his legs in the accident, his family left begging in various places of Chittagong city. He takes a wife, a boy and a girl to the Hillview Rangpur Colony under the city's Bayezid Bostami police station. Rezaul could not get out of the house when an unexpected lockdown started due to the Corona virus in Chittagong. Income stops. Everyone in the colony where he lives may be a rickshaw puller, or day laborer. All of them are closed because their earnings are closed. Meanwhile, they did not receive any relief or help. As a result, they are living in starvation and in starvation. Rezaul did not tolerate this problem of his neighbor. In the last few months, begging and earning Tk 12,000. He decided to help the neighbor with the money. Rice, potatoes and soap were given to his neighbor with his free money, not sitting in anticipation of any other relief.
Rezaul handed over the tranches to three people in front of Rangpur Colony on Saturday (April 4). Tran had 5 kg of rice, 3 kg of potatoes and a soap. The people of the whole colony are happy to get relief. As a beggar, distribution of relief to the neighbors has also created a rift in the area.
It is known that the house of the village of Rezaul is in Lalmonirhat district of Rangpur. 3 years ago came to Chittagong to rotate the wheel of fortune. However, he is running his family without begging for any work. However poor in terms of money, Rezaul's mind proved to be much bigger than his neighbors in the misery.
When asked, Rezaul said, "I beg the family. My neighbors also eat every day. Due to the virus, everyone's earnings are off. Nobody gave us any relief here. I had some money in my hands. So I thought, let's help our neighbors. I would eat alone, and I could not imagine that the neighbors would fast. I helped them today, maybe one day they will come to my trouble. Everyone should win this war.
Relief rickshaw driver said. Nazir Hossain said, Razoul will always remember the help he has given us. These foods will leave us at least a week. Wealthy people like Rezawl would have thought of us a little if we hadn't eaten.
Maybe the power of the resale is low, the relief is not high. But the greatness he showed as a beggar is rare. If the rich people of the area, besides the government during this difficult time, were looking for their poorer neighbors, no one would have to spend the night with the burning of hunger.

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