My coffee and my friends...

IMG_20200124_095011690 (2).jpg

camera device details : motorola X11771Moto E4plus

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Hi @nilom,

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28.01.2020 05:21

What a great scene - what awesome posing your cat models do!
Maine Coons just rule. :) Royalty!

31.01.2020 13:33

Sorry, I'm so late with my reply, but thanks for your appreciation, I know you like Maine Coons :-)

07.02.2020 15:03

You hang with some nice friends :-)

31.01.2020 14:34

My reaction comes a little late. Indeed I have nice friends ( but they don't like coffee ) ¨

07.02.2020 15:10


02.02.2020 09:39