Why People Should Use CitiOS?


CitiOS is one of the biggest IoT projects the world will witness. The project is expected to impact community life immensely. CitiOS blockchain technology is showing a great prospect in solving some issues faced by communities, especially in developing countries.

One of the major aims of CitiOS blockchain technology is to help these communities meet some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. Issues bothering on the environment, energy, as well as urbanization are some of the issues targeted by CitiOS.

CitiOS blockchain technology holds to the key in fostering development in countries that are out to meet the SDGs, as well as major cities that want to develop more rapidly.

IoT has become the center of attraction in terms of special automation in regional development. There are many benefits for people who key in into the ideas and projects outlined by CitiOS.

Building Infrastructure


CitiOS blockchain technology has come up with Modern Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), which utilizes the Internet Of Things (IoT) to collects information and structures that have been collected with the assistance of sensors related to humans to carry out SHM.

IoT helps in the reduction of cost and simultaneously increases efficiency. IoT is also useful in electricity grid infrastructure to transfer power in different areas around the globe.

Street Lighting


In major cities around the world, streetlights are very important, especially when it comes to the improvement of visibility as well as improving the visual appeal of that particular city. The growing population in major cities around the world necessitates the use of streetlights.

IoT offers these cities the ideal way to connect lights. The utilization of a light sensor makes it possible for the IoT system to turn on and off streetlights without human assistance automatically. This helps to cut down inefficiencies to a certain degree.

Improvement Of Security


When the security of a town, city, or a whole country is put into perspective, it is a much more important issue. The use of IoT can help in the provision of security home, town, etc. CCTV cameras can be installed to alarms, doors, or gates around the city to help beef up security.

The military can also benefit from the equipment produced based on IoT. The use of radar technology allows the missile defense system receives signals from incoming missiles or attack jets. They can also help single missile batteries in the transfer of missiles to the defense direction.



The influence of IoT technology developed by CitiOS has been felt in the health significantly. It has made the diagnosis of patients very easy. Patients can now be monitored easily by utilizing sensors that are connected to various medical equipment for analysis.

When a patient is taken to the intensive care unit, for instance, there are waiting to restore temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc.

To Wrap It Up


Other areas where people can use CitiOS blockchain technology includes transport and logistics, and agriculture. IoT is important as it helps people, as well as businesses, use technology.

This technology provides the needed efficiency required in its operations operation via an automation system. Other reasons why you should choose CitiOS includes safety and smarter service delivery.

There is one more great news for all CitiOS supporters. The first round of IEO on Probit exchange ended successfully, all tokens were sold out within one hour! The second round of IEO will start within the next couple of weeks and to be up to date and to follow official announcements, here are all official social media and useful links of CitiOS:

Website: https://www.citios.io

Whitepaper: https://www.citios.io/assets/CitiOS_Whitepaper-b30baa8c1d320911cf2f308042e20af97ad0fdbd5e13890cf1124e031891e1b6.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/CitiOS_Official

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