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Q DAO: Unique Platform to Generate Fiat-Pegged Stablecoins (USDQ, KRWQ) 


  Users may create stablecoins KRWQ and USDQ are readily available.  USDQ utilizes Bitcoin because its security, i.e. to be able to make USDQ users will need to lock their Bitcoins at a wise contract.   Stablecoins are viewed paving the trail toward adoption of electronic currencies that were DLT-powered.  Compared to other stablecoins available on the current market, USDQ is completely decentralized with all its elements residing along with their blockchain.  The KRWQ (along with other stablecoins, intended to be launched later on ) behave in exactly the same manner, however, are pegged to their particular fiats (KRW for KRWQ).  To be able to simplify the description, we're talking below simply to USDQ, however, the reader must realize that the exact same always applies to other stablecoins, like now accessible (KRWQ) and intended (CNYQ, JPYQ and many others ).

Cryptocurrencies offer you a selection of advantages for consumers around the globe.  But, adoption is prevented by higher volatility in their costs.  Users aren't prepared to trade in electronic assets which may experience substantial cost changes in only a few minutes.  The most well-known coins, for example Bitcoin and Ethereum, are not capable to provide equilibrium with price movements for up 20 percent being a standard occurrence.

Any individual can buy and market USDQ through OTC deals or exchanges, agents.  Itprovides a simplicity of transport and's an token.  Holders can make gains, getting the Savings Rate, accruing in their holdings.

 Afterward, these ERC-20 tokens can quickly meet a broad selection of purposes, behaving like other cryptocurrencies.  One of the largest use instances are cross-border worth transfers, payments for services and goods to accepting companies, in addition to long-term economies.  Moreover, the stablecoin creation program sets the basis for an extremely convenient and powerful margin trading platform.

 It gives numerous enablers for sustainability of those established stablecoins, like CDPs (collateralized debt rankings ), automatic cost adjustment procedures with feedback mechanisms, in addition to a system of incentives for both outside actors.

QDAO tokens are already being traded!



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