Behind the Scenes with Death Skateboards - TEAM FILMING SESSION @nicolcron Skate VLOG

Greetings Dtubers, Steemians and Steemskaters!

We had A LOT of the team over at the Pioneer Skatepark yesterday, to continue filming for our new skatepark edit for Death Skateboards TV.

Death Pro Adam Moss drove 8 hours from the depths of Cornwall....
Dan Cates travelled up from Margate, and I even got the worlds most recognisable old pal and teammate.... the legendary Richie Jackson to do my intro with me! (He wasn't skating this day unfortunately, so no Richie skate clips today).
Also down for the session was other Death team riders Mike Simons, Charlie Spelzini and Mark Radman, with some other friends along for the fun.

But as with last time, I managed to get some nice warm up clips of the homies before we all got serious and stuck in to filming some stunts =)

I hope you are all getting hyped for this edit because when it's all done in a month or two its gonna be VERY SPECIAL! =)

Thanks for watching!
LOVE is all

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12.01.2020 14:52

Richie Jackson hahaha.
Dicktuuuuube! Hahahahh.
Great skate sesh bro! Can't wait to see the full edit!

12.01.2020 19:53

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12.01.2020 22:36