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Visiting Cerro Chato- Uruguay

Hello everyone, I hope you are well, today I went to visit an apartment in Uruguay called Cerro Chato, it is quite far from Montevideo, but I thought it was nice to go visit it and have a nice day, clear my head and have fun with my girlfriend

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Here we were taking a walk through the field of Cerro Chato, we were fascinated by the beautiful color of the sky, those picturesque and vivid colors as if they had been painted, really a work of art, while the birds were listened to the surroundings, everything was so precious to see and hear

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Here we were climbing a mountain and it was really exhausting haha, my girlfriend almost gave up, the clouds look really beautiful, we stopped a bit to see them and take pictures of them, we played thinking that they form different objects, there were some flowers around but I did not capture them in the photo, but they were very beautiful to see, but without a doubt the sky took the greatest importance, going up this small hill my girlfriend almost tripped over a stone or so it seemed and we started laughing for a while, It was funny haha

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Well here we see the trees a little far away, flat hill is very green and beautiful, its administration is shared by the departments of Durazno, Florida and Treinta y Tres, the climate we had today was 18 ° C, wind from the S at 8 km / h, humidity of 49%, quite pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold, the population of cerro chato is currently 3,227 not many people live there, if you live in cerro chato they will call you cerrochatense

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Here the sky had been dyed an orange color, it looked like fire and those trees looked like their shadow, those clouds behind the trees made us think they were mountains or cotton candy according to my girlfriend

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Near this place there were horses and cows eating grass, I wanted to take a close-up photo of a cow but I got scared and I couldn't (my girlfriend laughed at me) we started playing in the grass with a card blanket while we lusted after the Such a beautiful landscape in which we were and close to those beautiful animals that looked so cute, it really seemed like a beautiful movie, we laughed a lot playing cards because I cheated and denied it haha

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We found this mini lake and we started to see who threw the stone further, I won, we started to see the reflection of the trees in the water, it really looked like a mirror, we wanted to wet our feet but it made us cold

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At the beginning of the day we went to look for some horses with my girlfriend and we went horseback riding, we already had experience so it was not complicated, we took a nice walk around the area and we did competitions on who was going faster, there were many stones than that. It was really a bit scary to go through there I will not deny it, but we passed without problems and the horses were very calm, as you can see those brown things in the distance were cows and some had calves, it really was a beautiful day and never did. We will forget, well up to here today's post, I hope you like it, don't forget to go through my other posts, I clarify that all these photos I took with my cell phone, I hope to see you in my next post !!

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