The Diary Game/Betterlife:01/04/2021

Hello Steemians
Today is another beautiful day, Today I woke up about 6pm and in preparation for our concert on Sunday I started immediately by practicing the remaining songs I had not worked on and writing down the songs and keys of the songs on different sheets of papers so I could distribute to the musicians when I get to rehearsals,I did that for about an hour and thirty minutes.

After I was done with that I did some morning chores,I swept the surrounding and watered my dads garden,I came and brushed my teeths after that then had my breakfast.


It's been quite a while since I watched a movie so there was this show I downloaded "Superman and Lois" but haven't really had time to watch it,so after my breakfast I started watching the show and it was really good, while watching I forgot I had rehearsals at 10am,it was about 11:30am when I realized and I jumped from the chair and prepared myself within some very few minutes.I arrived rehearsals at about 12:10pm

Upon arrival some of my friends too where arriving at thesame time with me so I was glad I wasn't going to take the heat alone,when we got into the house our leader was soo mad that he almost sent us back but am glad he didn't. So we set up the place and we started with the rehearsals,we rehearsed from 12:30pm to 4:30pm and we ended with some time of worship and prayers

I hastily left the place because there was a program I was suppose to attend in church,when I arrived home I freshened up and left to church,I was quite late and tired but am glad I spent the rest of my evening there


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