Best day of the week contest:04/04/2021 my entry

Hello Steemians,my best day of the week was 04 April 2021 which was Easter Sunday. The fact that we were celebrating the resurrection of Christ made my day a very good one. I went to church that morning and we shared about the resurrection and at the end we shared some drinks and chewables among ourselves and enjoyed.

The flyer above is program that was organised by our band "Cross Connect Music",a gospel band. So we long awaited for this program wondering and anticipating on how the program was gonna look like and Finally the day came ,at first about a day to the program I thought to myself the program wasn't going to run smoothly because of some delays of some things but on the day of the program I was shoked because things turned out to be amazing more than I thought it would,the amount of people who came for the program was so much that there was no space and some had to stand up, the various groups that had to present played their part amazingly and us on our own part played ours wonderfully , the sound was amazing. There are soo many that were just good about the day that I can't really explain.
At the end of the program we took amazing pictures and I also got to meet great musicians. 04 April is a day I can't really forget.


I and the Saxophonist know here as @saxopedia

One of the guest ministers ministering

C2 music keyboardists.

Special thanks to

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