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28.09.2019 21:46

Fantastic shots showcasing the beauty of this area, glad you survived the hectic chase from Gus, pretty cool he followed you all for so long

28.09.2019 22:10

Haha thanks a lot @tattoodjay! Yes Gus obviously didn't skip cardio that week, he was on a mission πŸ˜€

28.09.2019 22:14

I have visited Te Anua a few times and walked that area, but never had a Duck doing a workout with me there lOL Posted with

28.09.2019 22:16

Haha then you know what you need to do. Put some crisps or nuts in your bag, leave it outside the portaloos at Brod Bay whilst you try not to pass out when going for a whiz, then you should have an army of Gus' ready to get henched πŸ˜‚

28.09.2019 22:19

LOL I think I will pass on that LOL Posted with

28.09.2019 22:56

Haha, I don't blame you πŸ˜€

29.09.2019 06:42

πŸ‘πŸ™‚πŸ‘Posted with

29.09.2019 09:14

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28.09.2019 22:51

Awesome! Thanks a lot for spreading the love here @theluvbug 😊

29.09.2019 06:48

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29.09.2019 01:36

Hey @c-squared thanks a lot for the support here 😊

29.09.2019 06:46

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29.09.2019 05:11

Hey @jzn, well that's pretty bad ass, thanks for the support on this one!

29.09.2019 06:47

Amazing stretch of water, along with handsome Gus as a private guide through your hike. Photography gives a good feel for how change happens suddenly on island of the long white cloud Nicky.

By what I have heard weather wise you can expect rain most days, at least you got to stretch your legs, open the lungs after a grueling porta potty call, when on tour you always lament to lack of time in certain areas.

I definitely hear the sound of I have to return to explore some more!

29.09.2019 15:05

Hey @joanstewart haha yea Gus was leading the charge on this one! It was surreal having him with us for all that time!

Yes we were pretty fortunate actually with the weather given the time of year we went in May!

And you'd be right. Don't be surprised to hear about me going back there in a few years time πŸ˜€

30.09.2019 07:04

May is a good month to travel in southern hemisphere, out of season, normally weather does behave it really is on the day.

Rain did give a true reflection of the area since they get a lot of rain down there.

30.09.2019 08:14

I do think I rode my luck with NZ weather as it was unseasonably good (warm and sunny) most days. Just the odd day we spent in the rain like today but weather changes quickly there and the day after I left, the real winter struck and took a turn for the worse!

Plenty of rain on the west coast absorbed by all the mountain ranges

30.09.2019 08:56

Always pot luck with the weather, we had snow here yesterday up in the mountains.

In NZ I believe many roads are difficult to get through when snow falls, with change in weather patterns around the world it really is a good guessing game.

01.10.2019 07:01

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01.10.2019 11:33

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29.09.2019 17:47

Hey @lizanomadsoul, thanks a lot for the awesome news and support here! I'm grateful I made it to the top 3 of the travel digest 😊

29.09.2019 17:56

This pictures of the moss = LOVE! On the one hand too bad about the weather but on the other hand it adds so much to the pictures!

29.09.2019 19:24

Yea man! Plenty of moss in these parts adding to the eerie atmosphere from the clouds. It really was a dreary day when we went but you're right, it didn't take away from the lovely scenery and if it still looks this lovely when it's grey, imagine how awesome it is in slightly clearer weather! I'd love to come back here again πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by!

29.09.2019 19:41

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29.09.2019 19:29

Ah man thank you so much @for91days and @travelfeed 😊 keep up the immense work on the dapp, you're going places (no pun intended) and love the updates.

I wish the steemfest was at a different time as I'd love to have gone but my brother's wedding is around the same time and needs my attention. Hope you guys have a great time out there. Will you be presenting?

29.09.2019 19:44

There will be another update and 2020 will be the year of TravelFeed meetups around the world. So maybe we can pull something together near you!

30.09.2019 14:08

It would be awesome to meet some of the great travel bloggers here and you guys! I'm just building up bank at the moment with the day job, loading up on steem whilst the going is good and 2020 looks a lot freer for weekends away. I'm sure you will see the fruits of your labour blossom in the next couple of years πŸ˜€

30.09.2019 14:25

Lovely forest!!! Im loving the view of the trees and various plants and even the shape of the ground lifted by the strong tree roots.

Ok, Gus, you are one cool dude! Hanging with the big boys 😁 how cool was that!!!

Alright, I'm being told to check in about this duck so give me a sec here...

I couldn't find anything on that particular duck species but what I did find quickly of what could be said about ducks in general and their symbolism...

the duck meaning may be a reminder that you should keep plodding along with your current project. Hence, one step at a time is the best way for you to get the job done.

Alternatively, duck symbolism may be reminding you that today is a day that you should spend exploring your emotions. Thus, duck meaning prompts you to take the time to feel things. Only then can you navigate your way through them so that they can be released. If you need to, useΒ affirmationsΒ andΒ gratitudeΒ to clear the way.

Pretty interesting. And maybe that duck just needed a friend.. people medicine 😁 πŸ¦†

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30.09.2019 02:01

Hey meuf! Yea the forest was pretty cool, you'd have loved it and been at one with it here.

Gus made the walk what it was! Without him, it would have been a bit more mundane but he brought a quackers element to it 😁

I think the duck relationship worked both ways as we missed him after he rejoined his pals. We were all living in the moment with him there for sure πŸ™‚

30.09.2019 08:53

I think that was awesome. Made the experience completely different and it shows how important the forest is. Wouldn't have been so great if that dick was following without the forest surrounding

30.09.2019 12:04

Well if it was one of THOSE following us, it would be a completely different story and I'd probably have to tag it as NSFW 😁 Unless you were offended by poor Gus the duck

30.09.2019 12:10

Omg, bad typo!!!! Sorry Gus!! Hahaha and it's surrounded by forest 🀣🀣 this is not my morning

30.09.2019 12:27

Lol! Get her some coffee β˜• 😁

01.10.2019 06:47

The story's all fine and well, but really, it's Gus who makes this post. πŸ˜‚

That looks like an incredibly relaxing place to visit and explore. 😍

30.09.2019 04:21

Haha yea well it was Gus who made the walk really! I took some great videos of him stampeding up behind us that I'll share in a later travel video but working my way through the blogs for the time being πŸ˜€

I wish it was a slightly better day weather wise but can't have it all! This really was a great place to visit and would spend longer next time I visit for sure

30.09.2019 07:02
02.10.2019 13:50

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01.10.2019 11:35

That is one cool-looking forest! I would love to explore there. It is a lot different than the woodlands in my part of the world. Of course I adore Gus, too. What a fine little friend. Though I suppose he would have eaten you out of your snacks in no time given half a chance, but always fun to make friends on your travels. ;)

30.09.2019 16:59

Yea KJ! Plenty of wet, mossy woodland here in the forest to enjoy! Gus was a hero on this walk! His little feet patting away on the ground. Unfortunately for him, we didn't feed him as you're not allowed to feed the wildlife (for good reason) so we just had to usher him into the lake to cool down as he had been on an epic cardio session haha

01.10.2019 21:43

Wow, @nickygavey, what an epic journey and just as epic post. It really looks like a wonderful time. I really enjoyed your story about Gus the Duck. How amazing that he stayed with you for that long. What a little trooper. It’s also really neat about the bird sanctuary.
Do you ever add your travel posts to the #steemitworldmap?

01.10.2019 06:10

Hey @jayna! Thanks a lot for checking it all out and Gus definitely made that walk great fun!

About steemit world map - I am posting everything via @travelfeed now and that automatically uses steemitworldmap so next time you write one of your travel posts or "out and about" ones then use travelfeed.io. It's really slick, easy to use and the posts look even better on there vs SteemPeak I'd say

01.10.2019 06:45

Oh man, another place to spend a month or two. My trick is to sit in a pub for a day or two with a straight Coca Cola drink and to listen to the talk of the locals. Soon one becomes accepted in a way and then the secret spots of the place start to be revealed.

You guys seemed to have a great time and "Gus" your guide was certainly very experienced. A lovely place indeed mate.

01.10.2019 17:42

I'd recommend a few months in New Zealand, heck, a few years, why not? You don't even need to listen in for a few days eavesdropping, you can go up an ask, they are friendly enough πŸ™‚

Gus was a complete legend on the tour haha! He really made the walk whilst everyone else walked off, he stayed around with us 3, leading the way!

01.10.2019 21:35

Hahaha, I think that the duck committee placed Gus there to lead possible feeders to the clan.

02.10.2019 07:42

Hey there my friend, I see your travel log have yet to end, which is good. Now I can have a great reference or map to use when I travel there!

01.10.2019 18:16

Oh there's still another 40 to write I'd imagine! Everywhere I went in New Zealand will be covered here and hope it provides a handy guide for anyone planning on going! Thank for stopping by man

01.10.2019 21:40

Nick WoW great and within this blog there is a Feathered friday blog too, as a duck mum of 11 ducks this is a beautiful one !
Great blog and i am a little envious

02.10.2019 06:31

Hey @brittandjosie thanks a lot! So many tags I never knew existed! Gus definitely provided the thrills on an otherwise dreary day (weather wise). You have more little ducklings than Gus did by the sounds of it!

02.10.2019 06:42

Haha you made a friend there buddy. Good thing he didn't sneak in your bag lol. The place looks amazing wouldn't mind getting stranded there for awhile. But then again if the temperature drops too low it would turn out to be a survival.

02.10.2019 09:12

Hey buddy.

Great post. I'm loving Gus! He's the man! .... well, Duck. Fair play to him following you all that way. He was clearly after a payoff! Lol.

Great adventures in a beautiful place.


Posted using Partiko Android

02.10.2019 09:20

I hope you guys rewarded Gus with some of the food, lol. Gus is a cute duck, but I've never seen this type of duck before, but I've never been to New Zealand. This video was made in New Zealand, and it's just beautiful (and so is the music.)

02.10.2019 10:07

What a wonderful place! The passage looks amazing. I wish I could have a walk there. But the weather is a bit foggy I guess. Maybe that's why I'm seeing less green. The gus is very calm, I guess. :)

02.10.2019 10:44

What a beautiful place @nickyhavey. I can see why you would need a longer stay to truly enjoy everything. Can't believe Gus walked with you and let you pet him! Wow, such a treat. The ferns and the moss covered trees were simply amazing, with the cloud covered day, it made the whole area seem so mysterious and then to see the brightly colored duck, too funny :) Thanks for sharing with us! I would love to visit NZ!!

02.10.2019 11:39

Ah, @nickyhavey

Not sure whether to say fnck-a-duck or to congratulate you on how you Gus-sied up this post!

Seriously, though, a fantastic post and what great photography. A very special place.

02.10.2019 12:27

This is so beautiful! I know you wish you'd had "nicer" weather, but your shots have a mysterious air, very powerful. Nice post, I feel almost as if I'd been there myself. Maybe someday...

02.10.2019 13:57

I've always known that New Zealand is famous for its natural beauty, untapped and undisturbed by the commercial world.
Sometimes its best that way.

02.10.2019 14:52

That's too funny about the duck! Not too fowl at all! (bahahahaha)

02.10.2019 15:30

@nickyhavey - such a beautiful Travel Feed for us to enjoy. Everything we need to know to plan a trip there, and for those of us who might not ever make it there, at least we got to see it through yours - and Gus's - eyes!

02.10.2019 20:19

Anything called "Gateway to the Fjords" has to be a place to visit.

Beautiful scenery. I really like all the green--the bottoms of the trees especially. And the story of Gus is really inspirational. When you him again, give him my regard. Nice duck!

02.10.2019 23:58