Plotting my way to 10K SP - Mission Accomplished


Having a goal for the year.

At the start of January I decided to make a big push with my STEEM account. I had spent the previous year and a half buying and earning my way up to dolphin. It took a lot of work and consistency to get there as well as buying a couple of thousand STEEM when the markets dropped.

I think that everybody who is still here believes in the future of STEEM and we can see that vision starting to take shape. With this in mind I want to be in the right position when the markets do recover and the next wave of people flood in.

I set targets for myself and while I still do everything in my power to help other people and projects I want to keep growing my account. We have seen the birth of tribes and hopefully the start of SMT's in the near future. 3speak have brought out a great website and splinterlands are working on their mobile app. We have so much potential and it's starting to take shape in front of our eyes.

I like goals and targets. I find it easier to reach them when there is a target in the distance. I seem to need that focus to put in the effort to have something to win. That is why at the start of the year I set myself the highly ambitious target of getting to 10,000SP. It looked like a long shot at the time but did what i can to get there. Using the apps and keeping up a consistent effort at posting and engaging to steadily increase my SP every month.

The maths.

I took stock at the start of January and looked at my account SP which was sitting on 6580SP. I've kept up my activity on a consistent basis and have been involved with multiple communities which has kept me up to date and active. I think that it's the key to doing well here and I know that it's not always easy to but I think we will get there in the end to the blockchain that we are looking for.

The targets from January.

  • 3,420 for the year
  • 285 per month
  • 66 per week
  • 9.5 per day

People talk about SPUD and commitment to the chain but I like to do it every day. Turn up every day, blog @actifit, play @steemmonsters and now use #sportstalk. All of these efforts add up over time and growth becomes easier. I still comment and curate constantly as well as all of the time spent on discord but for me it's not a chore. I like what I do here. I believe in the future of STEEM and want to be part of it's success.



It happened well before plan and even at that I thought it was a long shot but i managed to get to 10k SP. It can be done and hopefully even more from here.


I even stopped exactly on the 10k mark for dramatic purposes. I believe in the vision for STEEM and will be here until the end. Either we all win together or it will go up in smoke. I think that powering up is hugely important and would say that to everybody. Stop selling STEEM and power it up. Take it off the markets and bring it back into the system. We set the price of STEEM and there are obviously people willing to sell at this low price otherwise it would be a lot higher.


I seem to earn most of my STEEM from splinterlands as I play every day to complete the quest and earn a nice bit of DEC in Diamond league. Not a bad way to grow. I still post on @actifit every day and have picked up a lot of AFIT tokens as well.

We have seen the emergence of tribes which are brilliant but I will be focusing on just a few of them as there are a lot that don't hold any interest for me.

I plan on being here for a long time to come but I do think it will be a different place in a years time. I think that people will be onboarded into their communities or apps and won't be seeing the backend of STEEM at all. They will earn their community tokens and STEEM will be the base currency for all of these becoming a lot harder to earn and a rare commodity.

Looking forward to seeing all of this unfold over the next few months and hopefully it turns out the way that I expect it to. Enjoy.



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Damn! That amazing dude! And you have even been ahead of your goal since day one, thats amazing! :D

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25.07.2019 00:14

Ya. I was shocked at how fast the account grew. Way more than I thought it could but showing up every day and being involved in different areas helped it along nicely.

25.07.2019 00:20

Its really amazing. Congratz! :D

I also do my actifit daily and is staking tokens for dividends later :D

3 days ago I did my first delegations through minnowboost, I wanna be on that game aswell.

Gonna invest this coming month again, so that will also speed up my process :D

I am really not into Steemmonsters, I like the game but I am having trouble playing it, I dont.

And congratz :D

25.07.2019 00:24

YAY {page}/ 10k is an amazing milestond - congratz on that. Growing financially through playing games... I don't think our parents had that future imagined for us, pretty awesome times we live in :D

25.07.2019 00:18

Thanks @soyrosa. It's great to be part of the whole place really. I would never have thought that I would get so involved with STEEM but I think we all got caught up in it.

I've tried to explain it to the parents before but they don't seem to get the whole concept of gaming and writing for crypto. All we need now is steem at $10 so that we can make a living from it.

25.07.2019 00:23

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25.07.2019 00:19

Congratulations and keep going. ;)

25.07.2019 02:34

Thanks @chesatochi. This is still early days and i will keep powering up my STEEM. We have a long way to go before we have a platform built for the masses but it's great to be in early.

25.07.2019 09:00

My focus is to spread my contents here, build my SP, and the most important have fun.

25.07.2019 12:01

First of all congrats with the double dolphinhood!
Do you sell the DEC or use them to upvote the posts?

I was doing great this season until today. I am getting my ass kicked time and time after again. Have to the play the daily quest with the earth splinter. My summoner is only 5, which is troublesome but also I keep running into people with legendaries at L3. So slipped back to gold II. Maybe I will have to leave the daily quest for what it is and focus on earning my wanted 1K Dec for the day!

25.07.2019 06:34

Thanks. Great to get there. I sell my DEC as the votes aren't worth it. I did the maths before and it's a lot more profitable to sell DEC. I did buy a legendary potion once but it's shit. In Diamond, I can earn 1500-2000 DEC most days just from trying to accomplish my daily quest which is great. I've been swopping my cards over to gold as well where i can to increase that a bit.

Yesterday was strange for me as well. I am normally strong enough in diamond and would win a lot of the battles. For some reason i kept running into top players and only won about 4/20. Didn't even get one from my quest playing against people from champion 1. I tend to play to win each match and hit my quest along the way. There is a nice bit of steem to be made if you are winning.

25.07.2019 09:03

According to my calc, buying the upvotes is more profitable.
I did spend 750 DEC today for an upvote. The upvote was worth $1.285. So after curation this would be $0.96375. Converting this to Steem with a value of $0.25, this would give me 3.855 steem.
When selling the 750 DEC at the median between highest buy and lowest sell offer (0.0045), I would get 3.375 steem. But when withdrawing it I will have to pay 5%, so 3.206 will be added to my steem account.

Maybe I am doing someting wrong with my calculations, which is always possible.

What level of summoners do you think is necesarry for reaching Diamond III?

25.07.2019 09:20

I haven't done the maths in a while but when I did it was showing selling DEC to come in ahead of buying votes. I might try it again when i've time as prices change over time.

25.07.2019 10:35

Really an outstanding milestone! Even more because you have done it ahead of the schedule! Well done!

Posted using Partiko iOS

25.07.2019 07:00

Had a really strong month and great to get in so far ahead of schedule. Looking at the graph things really stepped up with DEC and tribes. So many ways to get involved now. Might switch towards strengthening my deck or something else for a while but i will keep trying to grow.

25.07.2019 09:05

10,000 SP is a really nice number :)


25.07.2019 09:55

Thanks, I do like round numbers. 100,000 has a nice ring to it. :D

25.07.2019 10:36

Congrats on meeting your 10K SP goal! 👍

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25.07.2019 10:00

Thanks. It's great fun building up the account and growing on STEEM. Looking forward to seeing where it all ends up.

25.07.2019 10:38

Congrats buddy! Great to see you taking advantage of the opportunity! See you at Orca!

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25.07.2019 12:23

That's the next step. We'll see who gets there first. :D

25.07.2019 22:51

Congrats! Steem has a bright future ahead and look at that 2019 SP growth trendline! That's a major achievement! It's always great to forget about $ price action for a little while and focus on the thing that we find important in the long run :)

25.07.2019 12:45

Price is only important for the people selling STEEM. I'm all about accumulating it. I might check it in about three years time to see how we did.

25.07.2019 22:53


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