20 SBI contest. Betting on the british open.


Lets do something a bit different and hopefully a little bit fun. I'm going to run a contest for the British golf open that starts on Thursday morning July 18th. There will be three prizes.

  • 10 SBI
  • 6 SBI
  • 4 SBI

The competition is going to be in two parts and there will be a few rules. What you need to know:

  • Part one will cover play for Thursday and Friday. You get to choose 3 golfers for your panel in the golf. They will earn a certain amount of points depending on their starting position and where they finish above the cut.
  • Part two will be a later post and will involve picking one golfer. This will be for the weekend of the golf and their points will be added to the ones from the first round.( I would advise to follow my account as if you miss the post on friday you won't get points from the weekend for your total. Deadline will be tee-off Saturday.)
  • Entry deadline for both parts will be first tee-off on the respective days. No later entries.
  • One entry fer person left in the comments of the correct posts.
  • Rankings will be taken from paddy power at the time I put this post up, same again for the later post.

Each player will be allocated an certain amount of points based on their starting position.

Ranking Points
1 15
2 16
3 17
4 18
5 19
6/10 22
10/20 25
20/30 30
30/50 35
50/100 40
100/150 50
150/200 70
200/252 80

After Day two their finishing position will earn them a second amount of points.

Position Points
1 200
2 150
3 100
4 70
5 60
6/10 50
11/20 40
21/30 30
31/50 10
50/Cut 5
Over cut 0

Multiply their two numbers and that is the score for each player.

So how it works is that if Rory the top ranked player is first after the cut. He will have started on 15 points. Finished first in the 200 point position making him worth 3000 points to your panel.

If Adam Scott ranked twelfth finishes first he will have started on 25 points and finished in the 200 point position making him worth 5000 to your panel. But if he finished in tenth position it would only be worth 1250 points.

I hope that it's clear enough to everybody but if not don't worry. You really just need to pick three golfers that you think will finish as high as possible for now and add them to the messages before the competition starts Thursday morning.

That is all you really need to know for now and I will do up a later post and a table with results along the way.

Paddypower.com If you want an accurate list.

If anybody wants to add to the pot or spot prizes feel free to message me. other than that best of luck.



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  1. Jordan Sprite
  2. Brooks Koepka
  3. TIGER

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16.07.2019 16:05

Brave call with all the top players. If they don't make the cut if could be fatal. You're added anyway.

16.07.2019 16:23

Go hard or go home lol

16.07.2019 16:28

Ok my three for parr one is
1.LOUIS oosthuizen
2.Xander Schaffle

  1. Johnny Rahm

Part two
Rafa Carbero bello

16.07.2019 16:15

I'll take part one from you. You might want to wait on part two until the cut and see where people are. That's why there will be a later post.

16.07.2019 16:24

Lol, I know really nothing about golf. The only 3 I know well enough are Tiger Woods, Thomas Pieters and Rory MacIlroy... I have no clue if there playing, but here we go:

  1. Thomas Pieters
  2. Rory MacIlroy
  3. Tiger Woods
16.07.2019 16:19

I'll add the names. Not sure about pieters but there is a list on the paddy power site above if you want to check. You can still change it for now.

16.07.2019 16:25

Jordan Spieth
Gary Woodland
Erik Van Rooyen

Some big multiplier potential in there if I'm understanding the rules correctly!

16.07.2019 16:42

Massive if you can get a couple of highly placed outsiders. Not easy to do though.

16.07.2019 17:06