Top 10 Brands - My First Choice Products and Services. 100% POWERED UP.

Greetings To everyone in the @steemalive community. Today I'm going to be participating in this contest and also sharing my top 10 Personal brands,why I use them and our journey so far. Let's begin.



How long have I used it?
I've used Eva soap for 2years now.

Where do I buy Eva Gold soap?
I buy Eva soap at the local market, provisions store or supermarket. It's widely available in commercial quantity.

What is the cost in steem?
Eva Gold costs 1steem.

Reasons I started using Eva Gold soap!
a) It was the only bathing soap my mum was buying at the time. Lol.
b) It didn't have any negative effect on my skin.
c) It's a multipurpose soap,so it can be used for both bathing and washing and it also has a nice and lasting fragrance.



How long have I used it?
I've used the skin glow oil for 3years.

Where do I buy skin glow oil?
I buy from my neighbour. She's the one who produces it. I also go to her shop STEPHAN'S SKIN CARE at Mcc Road opposite Tracas after Imo Transport company to purchase it whenever she's not around or I place an order for it when I'm not in town.

What is the cost in steem?
It costs 6 steem.

Reasons I started using STEFAN'S Body Glow oil?
a) It literally glows my skin.
b) It doesn't brighten or lighten my skin. My skin just looks richer and more nourished when I use it. There's nothing like using too much of the oil. I absolutely love it.
c) It's quite affordable with regards to the wonders it's doing to my skin.



How long have I used it?
I've used it for 6months now.

Where do I buy it?
I buy cotton club from any supermarket around. It's widely available.

What is the cost in steem?
It costs 2steem.

Reasons I started using cotton club?
1) It has a nice Fragrance,not too strong,not too sweet,just mild.
2) A special friend complemented me one day I was wearing it so it became one of my do haves perfume🙈😁
3) It's very affordable and available.



How long have I used it?
I've used it for 1year now

Where do I buy it?
From any provision store around me.

What is the cost in steem?
It costs 1.500steem.

Reasons I started using Oral -B
a) It protects against tooth sensitivity
b) It protect my tooth from holes.
c) It helps fight bad breath



Its been a year I started drinking RC Cola

I buy from retail shops anywhere I find myself or from traders hawking it on the streets.

It costs 0.700steem to buy a bottle of Rc Cola.
I started drinking it when the other coca-cola product I wanted wasn't available and I've stuck to it because of taste preferences and the quantity is bigger.



How long have I used it?
I've used Jik for 3months.

Where do I buy it?
I buy it from local markets or supermarkets around me.

What is the cost in steem?
It costs 3steem.

Reasons I started using Jik
a) It helps disinfect my house,and clothes from germs.
b) It's a multipurpose disinfectant. It can be used for clothes,toilets etc.



How long have I used it?
I've used the mtn network for over 10years,right from my secondary school days.

Where do I buy it?
From mtn offices at Worldbank or around owerri.

What is the cost in steem?
It costs 3steem.

Reasons I started using it?
a) Their tariff plans are very affordable
b) Their network is very strong and available in most states in my country.



How long have I used it?
I've used Gotv cable for 15years

Where do I buy gotv?
I subscribe from Multichoice outlet here in owerri at wetheral road.or through my phone.

How much does it cost in steem?
It costs 7.300steem to subscribe

Reasons I started using Gotv.
a) It has all the channels I watch.
Children channels, news channels and Zee world 🙈.
b) It has different subscription plans and they are very affordable.



How long have I patronized her?
It's been 2Weeks of patronage because they just recently opened us shop.

Where do I get her services?
She's located at Everyday Supermarket Ikenegbu wetheral road.

How much does her food cost in steem?
The Rice here costs about 5steem.

Reasons I started patronizing her
a) due to proximity to my place of work
b) Their food and service is nice.

Bank: Diamond Bank



How long have I used it?
I have used Diamond bank for 3years

Where do I get their services?
I use the mobile app pp or ussd whenevI can't go to their branch office at Mcc road.

Reasons I use Diamond Bank
a) They have a good security setup in terms of issues like fraud.
b)They have a very good customer care interface and their banking services are top notch.

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