The dairy game:21/052021. A boring day

Good evening dear Steemians,I am glad to present to you another edition of my dairy .
I got up that faithful morning, did my prayer and started listening to some music using my phone while laying on bed . Around 7 am I jumped from bed and brushed my teeth and took my breakfast as usual I watched the 8:00 am news on equinox tv.
I later went on and started reading securities and guarantees which was a little bit difficult to understand.after reading I went to the stream to fetch drinkable water with @majerius where I took some pictures of the peace plant which I used in writing my biodiversity challenge launched by @thegreens as seen below


I came back just feeling bored , I decided to harvest some guavas and cut them into pieces to feed the fowls in the compound .they are not afraid if people when it concerns food ,I live animals especially fowls

I want to precise that we have a combination of chicken, 🦆 ducks, turkeys and goose.
After feeding them I went into the room and slept abit, got up and had to drink a bottle of heineken I forgot in my bag


After taking the beer I took my bath and watched TV since I was just was really boring .
Thank you for reading my dairy may God bless you.

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😅😅😅😅i thought the guavas was for you

22.05.2021 19:35

Nice writeup dear , morning devotions are very important and helpful in each family

22.05.2021 20:28

Don't worry an animal contest will be done for you alone😂

22.05.2021 21:07


23.05.2021 03:35

Feeding fowls with guavas? Ive never seen that, anyways i dont think there is anything fowls dont eat 🤣😂

22.05.2021 21:30

Those fowls are terrible oh but I chopped the guavas into small pieces

23.05.2021 03:34

Ahhhh ok 😅🤣fowls n food

24.05.2021 21:10

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27.05.2021 20:46

Thank you saxopedia I will just do that

28.05.2021 05:04