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The logo is ready

Hello friends, today has been very exciting with regard to the LID reporting. I was able to make about 3 exciting reports. I have been able to trace them all. Below is the time line to all the LID reports I made today. You can click this link here

my 1st lid

Location: mbiabong
Date: 21/3/2021
Time : 7:27am

My morning selfie

Goodmorning dear friends and welcome to a new day. It is a beautiful Sunday morning, trust your night was pleasant?

I had a pleasant night rest, I woke by 4am and did my morning worship, I slept again and woke by past 7am. The night was cool due to cold weather.

The morning sun is risen today after about 3 days of gloomy weather this side of the world. I had to quickly take a picture of the rising sun before it changes its mind. According to the weather report, it will be cloudy today. But below is the sunrise


Morning chores are ongoing. Today is our meeting day which will start by 10:30am.

I will bring you more updates soon

my 2nd lid

Hello dear friends, it is noon here. Good afternoon to you all. Trust your day is going as planned?

Before we joined our dear Christian brothers and sisters for our meeting today, I first of all cleaned up the cage for my bunnies and fed them as well.

Hazel and Lola enjoying their breakfast

I got the breakfast ready and we enjoyed it. It was white rice and beans together. Along with vegetable, tomato stew and chicken

The table set for breakfast

When it was time for the meeting, we joined. It was a 2 part meeting. Below are the presenters

The topic he presented was: HAVE YOU FOUND THE PEARL OF HIGH VALUE?. it lasted for 30 minutes.

The next was the study of the watchtower


All meetings were held via video conferencing. We really enjoyed it all.

The weather now sunny though breezy. But it is comfortable for us inside.

Other activities are in line now. Just stay tuned for them to unfold. I will update you later

my 3rd lid

I am back again dear friends to show my art work on @steemalive logo.

During the drawing and colouring

Almost done with colouring

The logo is ready

My selfie with the logo

The weather is still sunny. I want to go and watch soccer now. See you soon


This is a timeline of my LID reports for today. Thank you for reading my reports, I hope you enjoyed it. I am a volunteer reporter for the LID project and am not alone. Would you like to see the reports of other volunteers, check the original LID post for today here.

written by:@ngoenyi




This is my introductorypost here

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Comments 3

Very beautiful piece of artwork. You have artist skills you that is very amazing. How do you develop the love for art? @ngoenyi

21.03.2021 20:13

Thanks for coming around. Well, so long as it is needed for steemit, I will try my best. I love steemit so anything for it, I am there on less is something I can not do even if I try. So love of steemit ignites the act of art.

21.03.2021 20:19