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Hello my dear friends in the @steemsrilanka community, trust you are all doing great? I am here to make my own entry in this amazing contest that is hosted by @sandun98. It is a beautiful contest idea about my hobby. All works and no play they said makes @ngoenyi a dull lady. Haha! Let's see how it goes.


Anything at all that is viewed as a regular activity that is done for enjoyment during leisure time which is not mainly for profession or for pay but just for the fun of it is considered to be a hobby.

From the definition above, you can see that a hobby has to be at a leisure time and it is for enjoyment without considering how much is to be paid for it. In this note, I can say that I have a lot of hobbies. Ranging from sports, singing, cooking, adventure, travelling, reading and most of all, learning new things. All these activities gives me joy but the most important to me which I enjoy most is learning new things

When did you start this hobby?

I started this as a hobby since my childhood. I left my parents house during my kindergarten age and spent my early years with my Auntie in Anambra state, in the eastern part of Nigeria. There I was taught how to make broom and crack Palm karnel to present in school. I enjoyed doing that. I will go to the bush, pick Palm branches and karnel , come home and prepare them and then present them in school as handwork. It was fun then. We called it technusu in the primary school then. It made me happy to see what I am able to produce and how they are liked by people.

It continued until my Polytechnic level when, even if I am given money to take care of myself, I will use it to buy books outside the ones the school demanded. The handkerchief I learned to do was due to my interest in learning. I went to the bank for a transaction and on the cue, I overheard 2 women discussing about what they do for a living. I was captured by what one does, that of making handkerchief at home at her leisure and then selling them. I couldn't imagine that handkerchief can be produced by someone around me. I never knew them before then but I joined in their discussion and inquired if I could be tough how to produce it. Thankfully, she made herself available and I made all the necessary sacrifices in order to learn it, I was basically drawn to steemit ecosystem because of my quest to learn new things and here I am, with a lot of things I have gathered.

Why did you choose this hobby?

I choose this hobby because of the happiness and enjoyment I derive from it. Seeing what I have produced gives me joy and when people like it, it gives more joy. I don't like being idle at all for any reason. So anything at all that keeps me busy and has to do with learning, is fun to me. If I do d myself idle, without having anything to show, I usually become angry at myself as if I am useless. That is why steemit is my top most priority apart from the worship of my God because I can operate from any where I am. While travelling, while lying down while in the kitchen, just anytime, am on it. I also choose learning new things so that I can be able to impact the knowledge to my children. In this country where there is no employment, learning new things gives one an age. You will always find something to keep you busy instead of being frustrated.

How much time do you spend with it daily?

Currently, I am not employed, so I use the opportunity to gather as much knowledge as possible. I can say that unless I am sleeping, I am always learning so to speak. Most times in my dreams which comes as a result of too many preoccupations, I see myself learning as well. You can imagine. But since there are 24 hours in a day, I can say I spend up-to 16 hours learning and practicing what I learned.

Benefits/Learnings you get from this Hobby

My hobby has exposed me to a lot of things. I now know how to produce liquid soap, airfreshner, disinfectants, handkerchief, preparation of different dishes, knitting, sewing, branding of shopping bags which I learned when I was working as an accountant in a printing company, and so many others. I am always busy thereby shielding me from an idle mind which can think out evil or gossips that are harmful. I have sense of accomplishment and joy inwards which most times radiates to the notice of others. My kids are now learning from me and they always say, that mummy has a lot of things she doing, when I am done with schooling, I will join her in this or that. That also is a source of joy to me. The economic conditions of my country Nigeria is very harsh, only those who are dynamic are surviving, I am glad that i and my family are surviving because at any point in time, we have something that takes care of us. Below are just some of the things I made by myself

The Airfreshner I made myself

The shopping bag I branded for a client

The hair band I knitted for my daughter

The top I made for myself is what I am wearing here

Special achievements you Achieved with the help of it.

When I signed up in steemit, I had in mind to learn and I started off with that. I never mind whether I was voted or not but I continued learning by posting. I was able to be consistent that up until now, I have not been inactive from July 2020 till date. I got a 1000 sp delegation from the @newcomers community by @cryptokannon as a result of being consistent from the first day till date and I am still learning, that means I will remain active and trust me, I have learned a lot.

I am now the MOD in about 3 communities as a result. I have a sewing and weaving machine at home which I use in sewing cloths and weaving handkerchief but at my free time.

My sewing machine

My weaving machine

I believe that every day presents an opportunity to learn. And anyone can be your teacher. That is why I did not hasitate to join the cryptoacademy ever since its introduction.

My family is happy with me and I am happy for myself.


Thank you so much dear friends for reading through my contest entry. I am grateful.

Special thanks



This is my introductorypost here

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Woow.. you have no limits for your hobby. Always finding new things. Trying new things. That's great. Keep it up.

Good luck with the contest.

Thank you so much for your participation. This is entry No.43

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Thank you so much for accepting my contest entry

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