Removing Stardust Bonus in Shop


The release of the market and the first sinks in the past few weeks was a huge success and went according to plan. The market is on fire and works pretty smooth, thanks to @jarunik. Almost 200k Stardust have already been burned, and the market is just a few days online.

The market ist for you to having fun and earn Stardust by trading and we are convinced that the market will be a pretty nice sink.

The Stardust token is currently linked to purchases in the shop. You'll get 100 Stardust for every 1 Steem you spend. For example, when you buy a small chest for 9,99 Steem, you'll get 999 Stardust.

We will turn that off in two weeks, so on...

Linking to purchases in the shop will be tuned off on November 24, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

The link of Stardust with the purchases in the shop hinders Stardust from evolving independently. We're not gonna flood the market. Stardust is an in-game token that you can earn while playing.

Now it's time to stock up on Stardust to increase your influence, build up you liquidity and grow your empire. Later it won't be that easy.

Stardust pre-sale

We sell a limited amount of Stardust tokens. This is a limited pre-sale that lasts for a maximum of three rounds. This is round one and the price rises in each round. In the first round 1 Stardust costs 0.002 Steem. There's no guarantee we'll do all three rounds.

In this post you can learn more about the stardust pre-sale or click here to get directly to the Stardust pre-sale:

Convert Stardust

Once we've done both things, we'll give you settlers and raiders a chance to figure out the price of Stardust for yourself. Stardust may be converted and traded as Steem Engine tokens. You may transfer it into or out of the game.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Empty the shop and get your bonus Stardust while you still can.

Stay tuned.

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07.11.2019 18:33

Yes! (:

07.11.2019 19:31

@tipu curate 2

07.11.2019 18:40

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3)

07.11.2019 18:41

Thanks! (:

07.11.2019 19:31

What means Total Supply: 25,270,222.497 Stardust? Is this the maximum possible amount of stardust? And you can’t earn more by burning your planets and exploring space?

07.11.2019 19:22

Stardust is an in-game token that you can earn while playing.

  • Explorations
  • Burn planet
  • Season Rewards
  • Shop (Linking to purchases in the shop will be tuned off on Nov 24, 2019 20:00:00 UTC)

"What means Total Supply: 25,270,222.497 Stardust? Is this the maximum possible amount of stardust?"

Total supply ist not max. supply.

07.11.2019 19:30

What about the 50,000,000 from the pre-sales?

07.11.2019 23:45

"What about the 50,000,000 from the pre-sales? That would sure be added into the total supply if been bought 100% wouldn't it?"

Of course.

"Only 45.340 millions Stardust remaining."

So 3.66 millions have already been added to total supply.

08.11.2019 06:40

Nice job. I continue the exploration to pick up some Stardust... and maybe find a planet.

07.11.2019 19:25

...or a blueprint.

07.11.2019 19:32

True... I found some days ago blueprint to produce Scout Minerva...

07.11.2019 19:59

Nice. Congrats! (:

08.11.2019 06:43

It's really good to removing

07.11.2019 19:47

It was good for the start, but now it's time to get rid of it.

07.11.2019 19:54

Good call. That will definitely shake up the new market in a good way.

07.11.2019 22:44

We'll see...
Thanks, @oldoneeye! (:

08.11.2019 06:43

This is going to be a very good move. 1. It will reduce the supply of stardust.

  1. Since stardust was airdropped with purchase and still available with purchase of goods, many players not taking stardust seriously.
08.11.2019 04:46

We're in no hurry, that's totally okay. We keep going forward. (:

08.11.2019 06:53

I think it will positively affect the price. Good news.

08.11.2019 15:13

Definitely. (:

12.11.2019 08:02

Pretty good to see things are laying down to prepare the market to flourish and keep the incoming economy sane. Some might look like baby steps, but we need a leap of faith to see the overall picture and where we are heading to.

09.11.2019 07:56

Thanks, @cryptorg. (:

12.11.2019 08:02

@nextcolony und @oliverschmid

Ihr habt für das Return Proposal gevotet, welches mittlerweile viel zu hoch angesetzt ist. @steemchiller ist dadurch wieder aus der Förderung rausgefallen.

Lest euch bitte mal den Vorspann in @double-u's heutiger Kneipe durch und entfernt, wenn ihr zu dem gleichen Schluss kommt wie viele hier, bitte euer Vote!

10.11.2019 18:00

Super! Danke!

Die 145.000 SP wären schon fast die Lösung ;-)

10.11.2019 18:05


10.11.2019 19:59

Cool, vielen Dank!

10.11.2019 20:10

Wow! Herzlichen Dank!

10.11.2019 20:39

He gays some one can help, jtyprgymqr.jpg

11.11.2019 08:00

We have changed the API to improve the speed of the page. Unfortunately there is a small bug in the frontend - so no worries, the ships should be back soon. Until then, please use Thank you for your patience.

11.11.2019 09:58

Bug is fixed.

12.11.2019 08:01

Great to see the decision to make Stardust into a token that can be traded on STEEM-Engine. It will help both price discovery and cashing out for the players who earned themselves a lot of Stardust.

11.11.2019 17:54

Exactly. (:

12.11.2019 08:03

Excellent working I resteem your posting sir

15.11.2019 03:53