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Market is live


We've just released an update and thus an early beta version of the market. The market is fully functional and already intensively tested. You can now trade items, planets, and ships on the market.

All goods are traded in Stardust and are subject to 8% fees, which are burned and thus reduce the supply of Stardust. The market is an important step for the ecosystem and a powerful sink.

The market is currently available on Jarunik's client and will probably be available on the main client during the next update.


Some basic rules of trade:

  • Ships that are for sale on the market cannot be actively used any more, as long as they are on the market. They can however be attacked. If a ship is attacked and destroyed, the sell order will be automatically deleted.
  • Items and planets that are on the market cannot be gifted to another player.
  • Items that are on the market cannot be activated.
  • Planets that are on the market cannot start any missions
  • If a ship is put on the market, it will be instantly delivered to the buyers trade hub (located on the starter planet). This has become possible by a new warping technology, which as of now is only available to the market.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Stay tuned.

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