From cryptography to the Blockchain

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Greetings colleagues and the community of steemalive, continuing with my theme of bonds, economy and blockchain, as we are in the digital age and knowledge, where the finance has another direction within digital ecosystems, also the digital economy is good to know the scheme and the concept of cryptography, which is contribution of much knowledge for the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The singular of all from the cryptography will allow us to know the behavior and development of the cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency, to think that served as a basis through the history of mankind, my friend reader because previously all part in the application of algorithms and mathematical language to achieve the confidentiality of messages, for which encryption systems and codes were designed in such a way so is the cryptocurrency ecosystem, thanks to this development the blockchain is decentralized because it applies cryptography, to make use of cryptographic algorithms systems to provide some form of security, take care of all transactions in the blockchain and the development of wallets.

Cryptography is a method of keeping information secure and secret by transforming a readable message into an unreadable one. This procedure is called encryption, while the recomposition of the message is a readable format is called decryption.
The new blockchain economy and cryptocurrencies in 100 questions by Ismael Santiago Moreno, 2018.

At the level of finance reader friend cryptography represents apart from creation of the digital asset, it will also allow us to develop this mechanism of data encryption, with the object then to obtain the cryptocurrency in a decrypted form, is that it is mainly used for the protection of electronic fund transfers, either it was towards wallets or perform other transaction within the blockchain, everything comes to focus on strong cryptography to secure transactions, control the creation of digital units, also to that application of science and technology allows us to know more a fonfonel volatility behavior of a cryptocurrency, based on a graphical analysis.

Information consulted in the app Coingeko, for this opportunity taking as a sample of tracking we use the letecoin (LTC) precenta a slight imbalance in its maximum price ranging 145 $ until reaching a minimum price of 131.91 $ is good to share or invest in this asset because its price is projected to rise slightly but to its maximum price, according to the volume te transactions.

The good thing about finance is that you have to be ready for changes, either technologically or market, inside the cryptocurrency market, analysis is based on both the technical chart, its trend, volume translation, which are the time to apply strategy which is the real time to invest under risk.

Various platforms is based on the blockchain reader friend, where it uses the technology of public key cryptography and the other private, for the case the public key cryptography and for the case of this according to we have the following, private uses two different keys, one to encode and one to decode messages, we get to the decentralization and safeguarding of the decrypted data.


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