5 successful protest tips for the 2020 US Presidential elections


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Most of us can feel the winds of change coming on the political landscape. For some, it is hard to imagine this, since WWII the world has experienced the largest expansion in peace and prosperity the world has ever seen. Others hear change rising from the static rubble of collapsing norms - as many feel they are not receiving this peace and prosperity in quantities as they feel they should. A profound moment in our history is coming - the US 2020 Presidential elections and its protests movements to follow.

We focus on the U.S., but there are many significant other political protests happening around the world. But the U.S. is somewhat unique in the sense that it is the establishment elite garnering the people to resist against what they feel is a political aberration of a non-establishment group obtaining power. Most other protests around the world are mostly protesters fighting what they think is an oppressive establishment elite. So the protest tips will be somewhat different for our non-U.S. based readers - a subject for another time and tend to be country-specific, though you may gather some tips here in any case.

News Forecasters, as we repeat here so often, is not endorsing any side - no agenda. Neither do we promote ANY political violence. We merely point out what would be the successful tips for the protesters. We divide our "5 successful protest tips for the 2020 US Presidential elections" between the two sides, as the tips for each political group will be very different - Republicans vs. Democrats. Do note, some of our tips are mirror opposites as one can imagine.


  1. Refrain from online protests.  Especially on major social media platforms - you will just get banned and frustrated. Instead, use alternative social media platforms, forums, and chat rooms for example. It will be a better use of time.

  2. Educate yourself and prepare to debate. Read and consume political news on both sides. Be familiar with all data points and good rhetorical arguments of your opponent's positions. You won't get much chance, but if any opportunity arises, be ready with short to the point punchy thought-provoking discussions.

  3. Do not attend protests - except if it is with a known vetted extremely non-violent group - for example, plan (even travel) to attend a Trump rally if possible. Small groups may not have appropriate security and exposing you and your side to uncontrolled violence. If violence occurs, no matter what happens it will be your fault - the media will see to this.

  4. Voter registration drives - in your support base areas, is probably the most effective protest efforts one could do. Republicans already have fewer registrations than Democrats. Republicans because their independent thinking doesn't like to organize. Once registered, they will be more likely and able to act on voting day.

  5. Refrain from nefarious activities. Understand the strategy of your opponent. They want to provoke you to do something very stupid and make you an unwilling YouTube and/or media star. Do NOT take the bait.


  1. Expose your political foe. Use outrageous talk and chants to shame them into silence - whether it be off or online. Report all "hate" speech and ask authorities to silence your opponents - they will have a receptive ear. We can not promote illegal doxing, but there are some legal forms - so do check your local laws.

  2. Refrain from debate. Most are not skilled enough to engage in political debate - leave this to the professionals. All you will do is say something silly and become an unwilling YouTube star to be ridiculed by your opponents. Besides, you have the media to do all this for you.

  3. Attend any protest - unless it is a counter-protest of your opponents. Leave counter-protests to the professionals - Antifa. There will be many planned protests supporting many of the agenda items of interest. They will be mostly peaceful and nonconfrontational - even bring the kids. If done in mass numbers, it will get excellent media attention.

  4. Get out the vote. For sure voter registration is a good idea for Democrats, but the bigger issue is that even though voters are registered, they tend to be more problematic than Republicans on voting day. Have a plan to ensure your voters get to the polls.

  5. Bait your opponents. In any political protests, emotions run high. People do stupid things. Your opponent is no different. Goating and provoking them is a successful tip - you will not be blamed for this - the media will give you cover. But do be careful NOT to do nefarious activities yourself.

One might ask, won't the better policymaker candidate win an election? Yes, a good point, but you would be thinking too logically. Nowadays, elections are won on pure emotion - sorry to say. So the battle lines are drawn, and the protester tips are in place. Outside of any unforeseen event, the side who executes the best wins in 2020.

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