Digital Drawing Of Galadriel The Elf Of The Lord Of The Rings

Hello friends welcome once again to a new publication.

I want to give first of all a big thank you to @neoxian I really feel very happy that you can support my art, I congratulate you for being a great person.


Today I will be sharing with you, a drawing of this character that is very recognized in the movie lord of the rings, I like to draw elves so you can leave me in the comments, what other character from lord of the rings do you want me to draw.

aaaa ada.png

The process took me a little bit of time, as you can see here I was making the face of the elf, what took me more time was to make the nose.

aaaaaa ojo.png

The eyes were made with the help of the selection tool, that line that you see transparent, was to outline the eyes.

aaaaa ojjo.png
I did the eyebrows in this way and then painted them with dark brown to give them a realistic look.

aaaa cabello.png
The hair, I painted it in this scent that you see here, then with the selection tool, I made the waves with a bristle brush.

aaa diadema.png

The headband I reshaped it a bit but finally, I managed to make it a little bit the same, with the selection tool, I outlined it in green color and then I added golden ornaments.

aaaaaaaaaaaaa  di.png
This is how it is finished, with gold leaves and golden pearls, which I have done with a layer in color mode.

aaaaaaaaa perla.png
Finally, make the ornaments of the shirt


Thank you for reading


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