The Sexual Humourist Presents: A Trip Down Memory Lane


The Sexual Humourist Presents: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I'm a person with a very great memory. The way I recall things and the sort of things I really has proven to be amazing over the course of my life. I didn't use to take my memory as any remarkable thing, firstly, because I thought that was how everybody was until I started getting compliments and seeing the fine blend of astonishment and admiration on people's faces when they see how much I recall.


Alright, there's this stuff that happens as a result of my memory that I find funny sometimes. I recall a lot of experiences from my childhood and I recall them so well that I now use my better understanding of the world as a grown up to understand those childhood experiences.

This implicates a lot of people around me because there are many elderly people who I remember said one or two things in my presence as a child because they knew I wouldn't understand them, I didn't understand them quite alright, but now that I'm grown up I recall those things and use my understanding of the world as a grown up to analyze those things and now I understand them.

These things said in my presence were usually sexual or one secret or awkward stuff or another that adults share in the presence of children with the assurance that it's nothing, these kids won't understand 😂😂.

So you can understand how I'd be looking at those adults now that I'm grown up, knowing that I know one or two of their secrets.


Ok, today, I've come to share briefly one of such experiences. Here's how it went. I was about 8 years old by then, 4 married women, my momma's friends were all sitted in our living room watching a movie. The movie was a Christian movie and it was about a Christian lady who stayed away from sin and temptations for so long without falling until she slept with a man she's not married to one day and she had a motor accident soon after and died and went to hell fire.

Sad movie though 👶

So, once this happened the women lamented the Christian lady's fate saying things like 'Oh, how could this lady have overcome temptation for this long only to give in to sex and go-to hell'.

Then one woman added 'sex that is just a 5 minutes thing!'. Another woman said quickly (surely without thinking) in the heat of the moment 'no, what is 5 minutes? It's a 2 minutes thing!'

Immediately, the other women turned in some amazement and looked at her and one said:

'Whoa, so it's 2 minutes your husband lasts for.'

They laughed and the woman who said sex was a 2 minutes thing smiled shyly.

I did not understand this whole thing back then, but as I grew older, on one of my trips down memory lane, I uncovered this event and with my grown up understanding of the world, it made me laugh hard knowing that most women don't like it when their sex partners last so short. They consider this inconveniencing as they game ends too soon and they also consider it shameful too. It's surely something they wouldn't easily say about their husbands in public 😂😂.

Damn, that woman really implicated herself that day. And now that I'm grown up and recall and understand the implication of what she said I still see her in the neighbourhood. I see her husband too and I stir the knowledge of their secret locked deep in my head and I smile.

But hold up, I shouldn't be smiling, that is inconsiderate 😂.



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