The Dark Knight Rises


The Dark Knight Rises

What is this? This thing that I feel?
My heart slouches atop just like a hat
My mind circuits and circles like it just don't mind
My head. Races with my heels and is always a step ahead.

What is this? This thing?
Could this be? Love?
Or I'm lost in lust?

Well I fancy her succulence
And I idolate at her all-crafty curvatience
But that doesn't mean that's all that I lean
Or could that?

There is but one test
At the thought of her what
Would I term the Item that rears up in my mind first?
Oh it's just affection and pure guiltless longing and probity and virtue and -
Ah, wait but a tad,
It's clearly lust's lustre
Because something else rears up, hard and long.
Yes, down, below the bitty metal working that is my zipper, the dark Knight, rises.

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