Scream My Moniker, Monica!


Scream my Moniker, Monica!

Scream my moniker, Monica
I've got red flowers all layed out
From the living room to the bed upstairs.

Scream my moniker, Monica
I've got this magnificent bed
With walls littered with curtains and paintings and 3Ds
Oh, make that 4Ds, add my D.

Scream my moniker, Monica
My floors are marble
My bedroom decor ample

Scream my moniker, Monica
I've got the room cold and mildly lit, and
And I've got centered candies and scented candles on

Scream my moniker, Monica
I've got you bent over
And my pounding is sounding

Scream my moniker, Monica
You're the first that I have known
And I've tried all that I know.

Scream my moniker, Monica
Even though
you're not loving
The stroking
Scream my moniker, Monica.

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29.07.2019 12:26

Nice one. I like it. Hope, we'll read from you more.

01.08.2019 01:33