Much Ado About Nutting


Much Ado About Nutting

Dear Billy just had his first nut.
No, he's had coconuts and peanuts which were all delish but not
To be compared to an orgasm.
It chirped through his every nerve and filled out his cranium with this minty spasm,
Poor Billy trembled like a thread in the wind
'Though the sun quenches and the world ends in a great quake today, I wouldn't mind.'
And at last came the crown of it all
It was target practice like none else, shooting of liquid bullets till the barrel was null.

Billy told I and the guys all these
Remnants of the thrill lingering on his lip edges like cheese.
Then started we chiding in envy
Did you use a rubber? She might conceive of a robber.
Hahahaha, hihihoho,
You might catch the flu, or perhaps something new.

Billy went home with a dread that night
And soon he found we were right
Billy got a son from that fore nut, wild as a black walnut
A brigand!
He terrorised the whole town and
Was a torn in Billy's heretofore skinny sparse flesh.
So Billy opposed him once at home
And a great fight ensued where Billy was beaten into a pinch of loam
And his house put in an extreme jumble.
Billy woke up in sweats and tremble
His house still in a wreck from his sleep-fighting.
Alas he'd be dreaming
He hadn't a son and was still in the night we'd chided him for sport
Poor Billy looked at the tribulation his ejaculation had brought and thought,
Oh the price we pay for a nut.

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