A Bull Run a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


A Bull Run A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

When the battleground stained with blood
Gets it's dosage of rain and time
And the green grasses sprout out and flood
We smile like a goat who's tasted lime.

When we're constantly being told 'Bear with us', do not 'bear a grudge'
Nor 'bear arms', we all have our 'cross to bear' and other grizzly tales
So we seek refuge in a beer
Or some Red Bull
Sit and listen to Cock and Bull stories.

When the ferris wheel lasts a tad too long on the spooky bottom
And right then soars to the hooky top

When the price elects to be like Michael Phelps and takes a dip into the pool
But after a session with a career counselor choses to rather be Neil Armstrong

When all these haps,
Doctor's Last Seen: 08 AD.

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