SteemIt has been acquired by Tron -- Details and My Thoughts Inside

SteemIt has been acquired by Tron -- Details and My Thoughts


In a breaking deal announced today, Tron has acquired SteemIt

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What Does This Mean For Steem?

We should learn some more information tomorrow following the Tron/SteemIt AMA. Some of the top witnesses, and several backup witnesses, have been working together to come up with questions that the community should know the answers to tomorrow.

As of right now everything is speculation about how things will proceed at this point. I will update this post a bit when new information comes to light.

How can we prepare?

Personally, I think we should begin the discussions of what to do in the worst case scenario. If we have to issue a community sponsored hardfork, will we be able to? Will the community, and the witnesses, adopt such a change?

Join the discussions and prepare for a very busy February 15th. Hopefully you are well rested! The Tron/SteemIt AMA will be at 9:00 AM PST 2/15/2020.

Be sure to swing by the SteemDevs Discord if you want to stay up to date with real time chats.

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