Steem Protection Soft Fork 0.22.2

Steem Protection Soft Fork 0.22.2



As you may be aware by now ...

... the consensus Steem witnesses, as well as several backup witnesses, have been working together to do their job as Protectors of the Steem blockchain. As a collective, the witnesses have agreed to take a temporary measure to update their servers to disallow certain transactions from several SteemIt, Inc owned accounts that switched ownership with the sale of SteemIt, Inc.

For more details about the announcement, please refer to the main post here:

I have submitted a PR to the main steemit/steem repository and that can be viewed here:


Questions, Concerns, Comments

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to engage in the discussion on the main post, or respond to any of the witnesses that are making public statements. This Soft Fork was a collective decision made by many in the best interest of Steem and the community.

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23.02.2020 22:57

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23.02.2020 23:06

A collective decision? You mean centralized censorship right? I thought the steem community was against censorship. A sad day for the cryptocurrencies base fundamentals.

23.02.2020 23:53


24.02.2020 00:32

Delegated Proof of Stake. I am sorry it took you this long, and this event, to learn how the Steem blockchain works.

If you disagree with what the witnesses did, campaign for other witnesses. Remove your vote if you have voted for us. Vote for those that are not using the soft fork.

Funny how after like 4 years, finally the community wants to get involved. Too bad it took a "centralized" group (of elected witnesses) to do motivate that.

24.02.2020 00:41

Already knew how it worked bud. Just never thought this group would stoop to collusion and softfork a coupe. Therefor I WILL campaign, but for steemit inc to hardfork steem into tron blockchains dpos. Ive removed my witness votes. Ill support steemit inc if they decided to file charges against the witnesses who colluded in the destruction of the integrity of steemit incs stake and intellectually property. I will not be using steem outside of steemit and the tron ecosystem, if a swap happens i will swap immediately as to protect my investment and honor the acquisiton of steemit inc and the investment of Justin Sun. Have a good day.

24.02.2020 01:16

You are a funny one.

24.02.2020 03:58

You seem to be something of a volunteerist (quick impression; sorry if off base). Explain to me how witnesses are supposed to be compelled to process transactions they consider to be harmful. The blockchain censorship resistance comes from the dynamic nature of witnesses and the ability of other witnesses to be voted in, which can absolutely happen at this moment.

I would agree with you more if witnesses were interfering with any legitimately voting stake, including, especially, the stake voting them in (say, blocking transactions that remove their own received votes). That would represent a true failure of DPoS and of the blockchain. It is also not happening.

24.02.2020 01:57

Firstly this decision isnt a direct result of not wanting to process harmful transactions this decision is an assumtion of negative intent, that directly removes value from an investors assets without consent. Its a move resulting from fear and uncertainty left behind by the original founders. So you're saying the legally purchased stake acquired through the acquisition of steemit isnt legitimate? Is this because the original owners opted to not use it when it was their property ? Or is it because its now owned by Justin Sun? Even if its both, the reality is this softfork is illegal on account of the fact this measure is a directly unprovoked and negative action against the personal property of steemit inc and its new owners by a group of witnesses who are willing to throw out their reputations in the first two weeks after the partnership without any reason whatsoever other than fear of the unknown. I for one no longer believe steem blockchain is viable now to do obvious centralization issues and personally cant wait for steemit to hardfork to a TVM dpos based steem. Im sure witnesses will totally have no problem running steems old fork without steemit, even while their tied up in court dealing with the legal ramifications of this move.

24.02.2020 02:23

Please, let the door hit you on the way out.

Enjoy your slavery.

24.02.2020 18:08

Dear @netuoso,

Did you get opinions from STEEM community? I think witnesses should have discussed with steem community and act for steem community.

It was surprising that Justin bought Likewise, witnesses suddenly did soft fork without talking with the community and listening more...

your decision and action made community surpsrized. This is so disappointing.

24.02.2020 13:11

Have you even taken a moment to get the context around this and read all of the witness announcements?

Have you taken a moment to realize that Justin Sun has already reached out in response to the fork and is seeking an amicable resolution by meeting with the witnesses?

Finally, have you taken a moment to understand how Steem works, and what it means when you vote for, or don't vote for, witnesses?

your decision and action made community surpsrized

Did you talk to every single community member to make that claim or are you just making a claim on their behalf; kind of like you are accusing the witnesses of doing?

24.02.2020 17:12

yes. I read all.

I think this soft fork is a little bit coercive. This post includes stakeholders, even if you guys discussed on private room.

This statement has been co-authored by the Steem community, which includes witnesses, developers & stakeholders. -

How many people included on discussion? 10? 20?

If you want to write this way (co-authored by the Steem community, which includes witnesses, developers & stakeholders), I think you should invite some stakeholders more on your discussion room at least.

How many people include on this discussion and decide? I think it is better to tell community the numbers involved in community decision making.

25.02.2020 01:22

So you are just upset that you personally were not invited?

There were over 65+ people in there representing their witness voters.

If you don't like the way Steem governance works, I really suggest you rethink your decision to be a part of the Steem network.

Maybe do a little more research into how Steem governance works, how witnesses are elected, and how a majority consensus decision can change EVERYTHING about Steem.

I find it hilarious that the Steem users that put in very little effort into improving Steem for everyone somehow think they should have been included directly in the conversation. Guess you must REALLY hate politics?

25.02.2020 01:25

I didn't know the number of people discussed this soft fork. Most of people on community just are heard suddenly. I point out that.

Also, I disagree this soft fork. Ok. I will vote the witnesses who disagree softfork 0.22.2.

25.02.2020 10:35

Good job for actually doing something!

Now go about your business and keep trying to get support for others. Have a good one!

Steem on!

25.02.2020 18:27

This soft fork is not right. Is it for a truly decentralized system? If you were a witness, you should have at least listened to the community. Collusion between a few Witnesses is bad. This is only for the benefit of a few.

What did the Witnesses do? One person has had fewer achievements in the last three years than he has done in two weeks. Is this normal? What did the Witnesses do to promote Steemit? The only thing you can do is whining who moved the cheese?

24.02.2020 16:51

If you disagree with the witnesses vote for other witnesses or run your own witness server and campaign for votes. Why do YOU step up and represent the community instead of "whining who moved the cheese" (whatever that ridiculous statement means)?

Why do those that do SO LITTLE expect their voices to be heard over others?

The soft fork is exactly that; a SOFT FORK. If the community ACTUALLY disapproved they could remove the consensus witnesses and replace them. Since that hasn't happened, guess you aren't able to speak for the entire community then.

The fork is literally for the benefit of every STEEM holder. And in fact, Justin Sun seems amicable to what we did and is being more open to engaging with witnesses that he was before.

I would say that is a SCREAMING SUCCESS. You are welcome for spending so much time to represent your best interest even if you are unaware what that actually is.

24.02.2020 17:08

You should go back to basics. It's very easy.
Representatives should ask for their supporters. It should have been so.
It is wrong not to ask dignity even for your supporters.
Decentralization is not a system for making dictators.

24.02.2020 23:30

You need to go back to the basics. Voters vote for representatives. The representatives then do whatever they feel is right in the interest of their voters. Or they do literally whatever they want.

A dictator would be 1 person that put themselves in office making a decision for everyone.

Witnesses have campaigned for votes, received them, and are in a position to behave how they deem fitting. If they behave in ways you don't like, remove your vote for them. You don't even have to wait for an election. Isn't that magical?

The fact that you are acting like you speak for the entire community shows that you deem yourself worthy of being a dictator and you are butt hurt that you didn't get your way.

Run a witness, campaign for votes, join the discussion, get active, do something. Or just sit there and cry about the people that have been elected to represent the community.

25.02.2020 01:22

If the community ACTUALLY disapproved

Apparently it is you that doesn't understand how the blockchain works. The COMMUNITY did not elect those 20 Top Witnesses. The votes of a very small minority of whales did. Which is not anywhere near the collective representative voice of a community.

26.02.2020 21:45