Call to Steem Community Developers - GET IN HERE!

Call to Steem Community Developers - GET IN HERE!


Get Active Within the SteemDevs Hivemind Community

Swing by the SteemDevs Hivemind Community and start creating some development related content! Now is the perfect chance to get some extra eyeballs on your content due to a lack of posting activity, but hopefully that will change soon! By creating your posts with the SteemDevs tag, you will make it much easier for those interested in supporting developers to find them. And trust me, there are quite a few large users that are eagerly awaiting high quality development related content.

Use the Steem Proposal System

Do you have a project or an idea that needs a little funding and support to really get off the ground? If so, make sure you are using the Steem Proposal System to create a funding post and seek support for it. The purpose of the Steem Proposal System is to enable those users that have beneficial ideas for Steem to more effectively make them a reality. When you create your proposal, be sure to share it within the SteemDevs community to help get funded as fast as possible!

Join the Discussion

On top of the SteemDevs Hivemind community, you can join the SteemDevs Discord server which has 1300+ members. The SteemDevs discord contains channels for various programming languages, projects, or discussions. When you join, make sure to say hello and what you are looking for so you can get assigned a posting role and participate in the server discussions. The server is made up of some SteemIt employees, community developers, job recruiters, hobbyists, and more! So what are you waiting for? Come join the darkside!

Share Your Favorite Posts

If you don't have any new or interesting development related content, another way you can support the community is to simply share the posts made by others. Every time a post is shared you are increasing the likelihood it will reach its target audience and of course, the payout of the post. Just a few clicks and a couple seconds out of your day could really help your fellow developers.

Get Creative

This is the part where you show your creative side! Come up with new and exciting ways to promote the SteemDevs community and let's really show the world how active the development around our Steem blockchain is. There is a misconception in the crypto world that Steem development is rather stagnant so stand up and make your voice be heard.

Vote for Developer Witnesses

Of course we all know how important it is for a witness to receive support. As a Steem witness, we are required to have high quality servers running to ensure the stability and security of the Steem network at all times. These servers have a cost and oftentimes this cost does not come with much or any profit. A simple way to support developers is to visit the SteemIt witness page and vote for those that you know are providing valuable support to the Steem developer community. I will refrain for mentioning any developers in this post as to keep it generic, however it should not be very hard to find a list of active developers. (Check the proposals page; check "steemdev" tag on Steem, etc, etc)

Promote Your Content Outside of Steem

Finally, and maybe most importantly, always ensure to promote your Steem content OUTSIDE of the Steem ecosystem. It is great to get votes by your fellow Steemians, but what are votes if the underlying rewards are not worth very much? The more content is shared on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, and ClubPenguin, the more people will know about Steem, the more they will search for it on Google, the more SteemIt and others will make via ads, and potentially the more YOU will make via the appreciation of the STEEM token.

What are you waiting for? Start creating, sharing, and promoting your content!

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04.02.2020 04:01

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04.02.2020 04:04

What if I have an interesting idea, but no coding skills? I have the logic develop, but lack the knowledge to create the program (and no funds, sorry) How do I find somebody I could trust to create a team for this idea to become a project?

04.02.2020 04:34

That's industry wide problem. Impossible trinity. Find one who is:

  • skilled
  • free
  • trustworthy

Chose two ;-)

04.02.2020 06:49

The trilemma continues.

04.02.2020 13:56

Its not a problem. Just find someone with money :)


04.02.2020 14:48

This is much needed. There's room for development on Steem and a lot of great developers out there who could also join. I personally would love to see more development projects on Steem.
Thanks Dan for doing this. I'm also doing my part of sharing content outside Steem and also convincing others to do it. Steem needs to grow.

04.02.2020 06:25

Actually I should have posted in #SteemDevs instead of my one-man "community" where the only advantages are cool name and me as an admin ;-) I'm just that bad as a content creator.
Baby steps. I will subscribe to it first :-)

04.02.2020 06:46

What is SteemDevs without the Steem wizard ?

04.02.2020 06:59

Hopefully crossposting will be enabled soon as there will be many posts that will fit many different communities much like tags!

04.02.2020 07:00

Great idea for a community!

On a broader note I've always put in a good word for Steem anytime I meet a developer out there in the real world, especially younger students (I used to work as a teacher) - it just seems like a great place to cut your teeth and get rewarded for various projects!

Thanks for the resteem on the SPS post!

04.02.2020 07:15

Alternative link for the community: ;)

04.02.2020 07:59

Well it all about your coding skill which i dont have..

04.02.2020 09:51

Great. Thanks for sharing. I am not a developer as such, but am working on a project to build a worldchanging Dapp on Steem. Will share more soon, but anyone interested in helping to code / develop can get an idea from my who am i intro post below.



thegreatliberation ia coming.

Read my Intro post to find out more then reply if you would like to join the Matrix-8 ground floor team to help "save the world", and have fun and get rich in the process.

04.02.2020 20:27

Nice post. I've more effected

05.02.2020 12:32

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05.02.2020 14:24

05.02.2020 15:50


06.02.2020 02:31

Great idea, and youtube can be also very good platform to promote your content outside the steem

10.02.2020 02:54