# My introduction to Steemit blockchain/Achievement 1 task by @nericblinkz

Hello Steemians welcome to my first post to this amazing platform. Here, i will be introducing myself as the custom implies. So read on to know about me.


About me


I am Atangwho Meshach, a native of Utuhu Village in Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. Chocolate in complexion with brown eyes, 1.72m of height.
A computer operator and graphic designer, open to new innovation and technological advancement, creative, apt to teach, willing to learn, open to correction, good at making and keeping relationship, lover of God, hold strong to truth and sincerity.
cc: @steemcurator01


I am a sports lover especially football. The game of football both to watch and play gives me as a person great joy. Another hobby that thrills me so much is reading. I find reading, researching and writing most interesting and as part of my make up, without which my day is incomplete. lover of graphics designing. I like travelling because it gives me joy and happiness, it especially help me to meet new friends of different cultural background and belief.

How i discovered Steemit

I discovered this esteemed platform through the help of @chiwill and @bright-obias. There zeal and deep interest for this blockchain thrilled me to join. My registration was made successful because of them, i sincerely want to appreciate their good effort in making a steemian.

My plans for Steemit

I found Steemit interesting because is a world of many opportunities to the open minds. So i joined Steemit to develop, improve, update and equip myself for greater good of the future.

Finally, i sincerely wise to pour a heart full of gratitude to the great mind that came together to put up Steemit. I here ally that i will do my best as a new Steemians to improve Steemit.

To the attention of @cryptokannon, @whitestallion and @bright-obias, this is my introduction to steemit. Thanks for time and reading my post.

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Hi, please this achievement is all about yourself and there's no need to plagiarize. Please can you give a free introduction about yourself because this one has a content that is not yours or you can also cite those words that are not yours. Do this and reply to this comment for verification, thank you.

16.03.2021 07:19

corrected.. please verify my post

13.04.2021 10:10