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Top paid athletes 2019

Athletes can sometimes do things that look like magic.

With their passion, focus, determination and discipline they achieve insane levels of performance.

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Source: Reddit

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As you can see in the list we see athletes that can surely deliver and all of them didn't make it to the list just by luck, its years of effort, love, tears and a lot of sweat.

When I see the earnings these guys have, I get motivated (Even though I am not an athlete) I am happy that people who dedicated their lives to something as good as sports can achieve this levels of economic prosperity.

You might think there are better athletes than the ones on the list, but the guys who write the checks think different.

If you look for the list on google..

you get

Lionel Messi, 127 million dollars
Cristiano Ronaldo, 109 million dollars
Neymar., 105 million dollars
Canelo Alvarez, 94 million dollars
Roger Federer, 93.4 million dollars
Russell Wilson, 89.5 million dollars
Aaron Rodgers, 89.3 million dollars
LeBron James, 89 million dollars
Stephen Curry, 79.8 million dollars
Kevin Durant, 65.4 million dollars

And I did recheck since it was weird Floyd Mayweather was not on the list but hey, it's not easy to stay on the top!

Who do you think should definitely be on the list?

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