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Welcome to the Neoxian City weekly

Welcome folks to your weekly installment of what's going down in the City of Neoxian. If you haven't already, come in and join us in our discord to see what the latest is.


Quietness in the city


Happy New Year to one and all.

This week has been the quietest I have ever seen Neoxian City. But this is to be expected. People are getting back to work after a long break, and those of us that work here are trying to get back into the swing of long days at the computer. We should be back to normality very soon after the fright of January wears off.

Good things to come in February.


CatsmakeKittens reboot

I'll soft announce it here. But @reazuliqbal and @dragonspeaks are looking at creating an improved version of Catsmakekittens. Of course this is all dependant on whether we will have the funds to fully impliment it. But I'm quiet confident we'll have something running in the next month or so.

We will be looking to solve all the issues that catsmakekittens had -- such as super high inflation and not much awareness.


Delegate your Neoxag for a share in SPI


We have seen a nice, rapid influx of SPI holders to the neoxian city chain. It has also incentivised people to learn more about our city and in return become bullish on Neoxag.

SPI are always looking for delegations to their account, and in return you get some of their coin which is backed by off-chain investments.

Also, please give @silverstackeruk a ping if you think you're worth an upvote. SPI are always looking for good authors to regularly curate.

You can delegate your neoxag to here for a return in spi tokens:

Stay tuned for the results of the last one. We had a break because of the Christmas and New Year's holidays but they will be out very soon. Along with the next task!


We also run a photography competition

Please check out our photography competition. It runs weekly and is headed up by our very own @zaku. Competition is super stiff. If you enjoy a photo challenge then this should be right up your alley


If this is something you'd like to give a bash, come in and see us here


We have given out a massive amount of goodies this week. Check it out

Every day City owners & members alike will give away some of their coins or services to lucky winners in our discord. We have a rule that every giveaway must amount to over $0.25 in value.

So far, we have given out 1811 giveaways at the very least $0.25 and that amounts to $452.75 -- although the actual value is WAY higher.

Give yourself a clap everyone, you really deserve it.


Check out and get started on our Steemit packs in the City School

Our city school is offering free steemit starter packs for those that are active on our discord

Why not treat yourself and get a totally free course? You might actually learn something completely new. It's over two hours long and packed absolutely full of content. Done by someone that knows his way around this stuff.

All courses offered right now are absolutely free to city members. Why not utilise the skills of someone that has known crypto since 2013? :)

Ask in our city for more details.


We are one of the most active discords on Steemit!!

Neoxian City is one of the most active Discords on Steemit from what I have personally observed, and what other people keep telling me. We are active for the most part all around the clock. Our residents span from Australia right over to California; so our timezones cover a massive 21 hours!

Come in and say hi -- we don't bite :)


Where do you fit into the City of Neoxian?

A lot of people come here and get sucked into the friendliness of our server. Some people want to take on roles in the city, others just want to chat and have a good time. There's nothing wrong with either!

What we haven't seen many of though is those wanting to create new roles and responsibilities for themselves in Neoxian City. Our Dragonmaster Neoxian is always open to new ideas.

Do you have a special talent? Let us see! Come in and see if you can do something for us -- we encourage growth here. What benefits us, also benefits you.

We have already started a School, A minetest server, A banking service, games, and so much more.

What can you bring to us?


Curation Station!

Our curators regularly scour the whole of Neoxian to find the best and sometimes most undervalued work to send into planetary orbit with our humungous weighted curation trail. If you observe our tribe we have one of the best trending pages and that is because our administration team weight the trail down with their HUGE votes.

These are our picks:

Please note: We only support original content here.We will exact vengeance with extreme prejudice on plagiarists and spammers. So we want to see you unleash that creativity of yours. When you create you get better at what you do. When you plagiarise it is a wasted effort, and we don't like wastefulness or laziness here.

We also take our tags seriously. So please try and use the relevant tags as we will only vote on those with them. We won't be voting a picture of your cat with SPT for example. SPT is for Steemonsters.


Our best picks of the week will be featured on our weekly newspaper highlights.

Best picks of the week

Our first pick of the week is from @adelepazani

Video , Deer resting in The Sunset Painting With Acrylics | satisfying acrylic art Enjoy


Here is a nice painting with Acrylics. In it is a video tutorial with steps to get your painting done.

Curated by @afolwalex


Our Next pick of the week is from @salma85



Want to see an opposum with some action? This author took some beautiful images of it.

Curated by @afolwalex


Our next pick of the week is from @tarazkp

Come rain or shine


Some helpful thoughts on steem and it's environment by tarazkp.

Curated by @udezee


Our next pick of the week is from @insaneworks

Carnivorous Plant - 2x Sony, Canon, Panasonic


Beautiful photography collection from @insaneworks with different camera specs and concise text to compliment it.

Curated by @udezee


Our next pick of the week is from @joseacabrerav

Universos paralelos - Jorge Drexler Cover by jose Cabrera


Jose, on of the best musician that I met on this Blockchain. His elegant voice does brings a nice mood to any room or any party. Watch him sing a song in the Vlog.

Curated by @rehan12


Our next pick of the week is from @jaynie

Mother City Adventures - A gorgeous day out exploring our beautiful CAPE TOWN... tourist style!


The author sharing a trip to Table Mountain with us all from South Africa. Not only that but along some more interesting places that have been visited by the author and family.

Curated by @rehan12


Our next pick of the week is from @sjarvie5

Art Talk: Recycled Plastic Art Movement


Very cool post about the recycled plastic art movement, I never heard about it before but I've really enjoyed seeing the pictures in this post including some more information.

Curated by @anouk.nox


Our next pick of the week is from @fotostef

Still on vacations!


Author takes the readers to a castle in Greece. I love the contrast of the sky vs the castle .. amazing! Enjoy these great pictures..

Curated by @anouk.nox


Our next pick of the week is from @fotostef

The long way: a "Behind The Photo" story!


Great "behind the photo" story with tips and tricks

Curated by @axeman


Our next pick of the week is from @yaser1990

White Centadu


Decent series of insect macro shots. Very close and very detailed

Curated by @axeman


Our next pick of the week is from @jjprac

Today's trip to Bukovec / Dnešní výlet do Bukovce


A lovely trip to Bukovec with @jjprac.

Curated by @thereikiforest


Our next pick of the week is from @daring-celt

Photostories of Magic Winter


A visual journey of the beauty & magic of winter as seen by @daring-celt.

Curated by @thereikiforest


This is our weekly edition of NeoxianCity Newspaper. We would like to congratulate all the featured Authors. keep up the high-quality original content-generating work.


WE BURNED 162 NEOXAG(Previous Paper rewards) THIS WEEK



Neoxian is a Steem Witness



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12.01.2020 20:02

Pretty awesome City, keep up the great work everyone. Hands down the best interactive community and city here on Steem Blockchain....God Belss, One Love

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12.01.2020 20:19

@neoxiancity, Keep up with your Contest Economy and other Community Development Initiatives team. Stay blessed team.

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14.01.2020 09:29

I could never climb up to your high standard of photography! I need to take a crashed course, new camera and instructor!

One day perhaps! Must improve my skills!

15.01.2020 03:44